by Helen Marshall

Product FAQ

Common questions we get asked about our products


Are your products Gluten Free?

The Primal Alternative range is grain free therefore gluten free. However due to the fact it is homemade, traces of gluten may be present – if it comes from a facility that also produces products containing gluten.  This is why our products carry a “May Contain…” statement.  So, although the products are made with gluten free ingredients, there is a risk of cross contamination with gluten from the kitchen during production.


How should I store the bread?

We recommend that you slice the bread (you can get about 13 slices and 2 crusts) and freeze. Then when you want some bread, just pop it straight into the toaster!


How many slices do you get from a loaf?

On average 13 slices and 2 crusts.


Are your products vegan?

The Paleo Fruit Toast is the only Vegan product. The Grain Free Cookies contain organic butter and the Paleo Bread and Pizza Bases contain free range eggs. The Gellies contain Gelatine which is made of animal bones.


Can I make sandwiches from your bread?

Although some people enjoy the bread ‘as is’ we recommend that you serve it toasted.


Can I toast your bread?

Yes, this is the best way to serve the breads.


Do the products freeze well?

Very well for up to three months. Except the Gellies – don’t freeze those!!


Are your products organic?

Ahh this is a tough one! I would love to offer up organic Primal Alternatives and believe me I have really tried. The obstacles I encountered was cost – I believe that a RRP of $15.95 a loaf of bread is already high enough. To produce organic would be even more expensive and I doubt whether that would be viable. Supply of organic ingredients is hit and miss and I didn’t want customers heading to the shops for their Primal Alternative goodies to be told there were none available. From a personal health point of view, I am happy with an 80/20 approach. I believe that when it comes to buying organic then buying organic dairy and meat is a priority. It’s just my belief but although almonds are sprayed, they are in a tough shell, which is removed, then the skin is removed too, so I believe there will be more chemical residue in animal meat and dairy than in nuts and seeds. That said – we use organic ingredients where it is viable such as the coconut oil, coconut sugar and butter.


Why do your products contain traces of sulphites?

Although we don’t add sulphite to the recipes or any preservatives for that matter, there are sulphites present in the ingredients we use. Sulphites are found in dried fruit, arrowroot flour, lemon juice and coconut. So therefore, all products contain some traces of sulphites.


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