Are you a Pioneering Primalista?

by Helen Marshall

Imagine being the second Primalista in the world EVER. 

Kyra Miles was. 

She took a leap of faith when she signed the Primalista Licence back in Feb 2017. 

She was the first Primalista outside of Western Australia, starting with a business model that wasn’t much more than recipes and labels with a brand that nobody had heard of.

Kyra, who is still with Primal Alternative today, talks about her experience and the benefits of being one of the pioneering Primalistas. 

I asked Kyra to create these videos as Primal Alternative expands into new territories including New Zealand, UK and USA as I think she has much wisdom and inspiration to share.

Even though the Primal Alternative brand has a lot of awareness in Australia, each Primalista is still a pioneer in their town, so there’s a lot of relevant info for all Potential Primalistas including you.


Note: this is in 2 parts and Kyra was interrupted by her kids hehe – wait til you see what she is wearing in part 2…


I am looking forward to welcoming pioneering Primalistas – could you be one in your town? 

What next?

The next step is to apply for an interview with me here:

If you want to find out more – register for my upcoming webinar here:

My mission is to share this business model to empower women to be accountable to their purpose and make grain free easier for our customers.

Love, H xx 

Helen Marshall

Primal Alternative Founder

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