Guest Blog Post by Phoebe Coffey

Berry Banana Ice Cream

by Helen Marshall

I LOVE collaborating with women with a passion for real food and so am super excited to bring this blog post to you from Phoebe Coffey.

Phoebe is a teacher and mum of two young children who is passionate about natural alternatives, real food and low-tox living. Through her business, Naturally Phoebe, she runs workshops to teach people about how to use essential oils to support their physical and emotional health and how to remove unnecessary chemicals from their homes and products.

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Over to you Phoebe….

I’m a mum of two permanently hungry young girls so I’m constantly looking for ways to nourish their growing bodies and fill up their tummies. Inspired recently by a wholefoods recipe competition, I came up with this yummy and filling ice cream recipe that my girls love.

For a little bit of background, I didn’t always used to think too much about the food I put in my body. I didn’t eat unhealthily but I certainly had not made the connection between what I ate and my general health. However this all changed after the birth of my second daughter. As a baby she was very unsettled and suffered from reflux, food intolerances and she very rarely slept. As I was searching for ways to help her (and give us all some sleep!) I learnt a lot about gut health and the power that food has on our bodies. Reducing inflammatory foods and increasing her intake of vegetables, probiotics, broth, good fats and other gut-healing foods helped Juliette’s digestive issues hugely. She is so much better these days, and even though the first year of her life was pretty tough, I am grateful that it was the catalyst for me learning so much more about food and the impact it can have on so many aspects of our health and wellbeing.

This easy Berry Banana Ice Cream is on permanent rotation after school in our house. The banana and berries give some natural sweetness and colour, the good fats in the avocado and macadamias give it creaminess, (and nourish their little brains and helps keep them fuller for longer) and the wild orange essential oil gives a burst of yummy zesty flavour. Enjoy!

Berry Banana Icecream (serves 2)


1 cup frozen berries
1 frozen chopped banana
¼ cup macadamias
¼ avocado
2 drops of doTERRA wild orange essential oil (optional but delicious!)


Blitz up the nuts and avocado in a blender or food processor. Add in the frozen fruit and essential oil and blend until smooth and creamy. Eat immediately!


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