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In today’s show I chat with Primal Blueprint Guru Brad Kearns!  Brad is a speaker, author and coach in the health and fitness world.  In his 9-year career as a triathlete Brad was one of the world’s top ranked professionals.  Brad and Mark Sisson have recently launched a book called The Keto Reset.  I have invited Brad onto the show to give us Keto 101 – he gives us that and so much more!  In this episode we chat stress, sleep breakfast ideas, why the woulda shoulda coulda mindset is doomed to fail.  We talk about honouring health over burning the candle at both ends.  Brad explains what ketosis is, how to do it and why.  Find out Brad’s stance on coffee, chocolate and wine.  We discuss falling off the wagon and why cheat days make Brad’s blood boil!  Brad insists that going doing a ketogenic reset should be on everyone’s bucket list – is it on yours?

Brad’s Links:

Brads Morning Routine – hey Brad it kind of went viral, it’s had over 1,000 views now, more than 70!!

Get The Keto Reset Book and join the Keto Reset Facebook Group.

H’s Links:

Human Health 101 Online Masterclass – book your free seat here.

The first place to start your Keto Reset is with a 21 Day Challenge so why not get started now with some group accountability, support and success sharing? Join my 21 Day Challenge – next one starts Monday 30th Oct!

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Interviewing Elle Russ the other week and this week Brad Kearns is truly filling up my Primal Blueprint Cup!!  I am a big fan of Mark Sisson and The Primal Blueprint and qualified as Primal Health Coach through these guys!  I listened to thirteen hours of Brad Kearns narrating the course content and loved it!!  I have just bought The Keto Reset Diet on audio to devour in the car – can’t wait!  If you haven’t listened to my episode with Elle, you got to check it out!  This episode was so insightful for me that it led to a diagnosis of RT3 Hypothyroidism.

This week we launched our brand new product, Fat & Seedy Bread and it is getting rave reviews!  I posted a random picture of the label and it went viral!  teawithlucy is styling it up in the kitchen to bring us some new gorgeous photos, but for now here is my head with the new bread!

“With only 1g of carbohydrate per slice, crafted entirely with wholefood, nutrient dense ingredients – it looks like bread is back on the menu!  This could be the Primal Alternative to make your keto or low carb journey more doable and sustainable.  This ‘bread’ is high in fat, with moderate protein and is gluten, grain, dairy, sugar and preservative free!”


Find your nearest stockist.


If you are an enterprising paleo mum looking for an income why not consider becoming a Primalista? A Primalista is a producer and Primal Alternative is a baking franchise.

And finally, congratulation to Stacey, the newest Primalista to join up! Stacey is into real food and loves baking she also loves being with her hubby and kids gaggle of chickens!   Stacey is our first Queensland Primalista which is hugely exciting, keep you eyes on our stockist page which is forever increasing.  Primalistas are now in Ispwich QLD,  Canberra ACT, Denmark WA, Albany WA, Mandurah WA, Manjimup WA, Australind WA, Kalamunda WA, Perth NOR, WA and soon to be Tasmania!

I launched the baking franchise on Boxing Day 2016 and have been over the moon with the success to date and the feedback we have been getting as a collective.  It is a chance to really do something that you love, whilst making a difference in your community too.  Primalistas are a collective sisterhood, a bit like getting a new bunch of besties or new family. You can do things you never thought you would dare to do with #primalistapower

Thanks for tuning in!  If you love this show, please leave me a 5 star review and help me to spread real food word.


Love, H xx

P.S Fancy trying one of my recipes?  Check out my Keto Caramel Slice, it’s the Paleo dessert bomb!

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