Meet our Primalistas and see how they use the Primalista Licence in their lives

Case Studies: Primalista Leanne

by Helen Marshall


Primalista Leanne
Brisbane QLD, Australia

How long has she been a Primalista?

In her second year.

What matters to her?

Keeping my mind active with positive and nurturing thoughts and actions, living my life with purpose and gratitude

How much does her Primal Alternative business turnover annually?


How many weeks holidays does she take per year?


How many days a week does she bake?


What does her customer base comprise of?

Stockists like health shops


Primal Alternative online shop orders

Sales from her own website

How did she grow her business?

Promoted her Primal Alternative biz on her personal social media

Created a Primal Alternative social media page

Created her own website

What is Primal Alternative to her?

Main source of income.

Does she have another job?

I started my career over 30 years ago as a cook / chef, but I never finished my apprenticeship. I’ve always loved cooking and catering and creating recipes etc., After I had kids and returned to the workforce – I just did lots of menial jobs, lots of office work, sales assistance, nothing too exciting. I always wanted to go back to cooking but the hours were too long and I really didn’t want to work in a commercial kitchen. I ended up becoming a fitness instructor and PT and have been doing that for the past 8 years. I still teach a seniors gentle exercise class twice a week but have stopped all my other classes to allow me to fully focus on my baking business


Primalista Leanne says:
“I’m just really pleased I took the leap of faith and jumped into PA – It instantly resonated with me when I first heard H on Quirky Jo’s podcast, but at that time I was working full time and it just didn’t quite fit. Then he universe aligned and my job ended, and I was stuck at home recovering from a nasty injury, and things just fell into place. It really has just confirmed to me that I need to trust my gut instincts and believe things will happen when they need to My Hubby and Father in law were highly sceptical that I could make any money out of selling bread for $16 a loaf, they though anyone who would pay that was insane!! They think this no grains and stuff is a bunch of nonsense ( even though they are quite happy to eat the delicious food I cook ) They still don’t “get it” but have seen my success as proof that I might actually know what Im taking about!!! I love that the license gives me the option to pick and choose what I bake and how I structure my business. I know a lot of Primalistas focus on getting stockists, but I’m the type of person who loves to chat to people, I love selling at the markets, I love being able to tell people when I baked each product and hear their feedback. I know stockists have a place but I really love connecting with my customers on a personal level. I get such a kick out of them returning each week, these moments fill me with so much joy and gratitude. ”

Explore the Primalista Licence here.

The next step is to apply for an interview with Primal Alternative Founder, H.  Get access to her diary here.

Note from H:

The Primalista Licence creates opportunity for female entrepreneurship.  Primalistas align their vocation with their values and make a difference in the world.

I’m sharing Primalista earnings  here as I want to normalise women earning money in their own business.

Everyone has a different version of how they want to apply the Primalista Licence to their life.  Therefore, no one is better than anyone else.

Primalistas get to create a business that serves them, based on their values.  We do not celebrate ‘top performers’ or anything like that.

I’m wanting to showcase a variety of our Primalistas to celebrate them creating the life they desire and to inspire you with what’s possible.

Primalistas are responsible for their own business and Primal Alternative does not offer any guarantees.


Thanks for being here, Love, H xx

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