Case Study: Charmaine Willing

by Helen Marshall

Primalista Charmaine Willing
Beverly WA, Australia

How long has she been a Primalista?

In her fourth year.

What matters to her?

Food Choices



Feeling loved

Being successful

Fulfilling promises

Of course my rock Stitch,

My fur baby Motta

My family and friends.

I love anything to do with the ocean (fishing, swimming, boating, beaching) as this is usually when I am totally relaxed.

How much does her Primal Alternative business turnover annually?


How many weeks holidays does she take per year?


How many days a week does she bake?

I bake once every 2-3 weeks (20 bakes total for 2020).

What does her customer base comprise of?

Friends & family

Sales from Primal Alternative website



How did she grow her business?

Promoted my Primal Alternative biz on my personal social media

Hosted the occasional live event

Through my Facebook page

What is Primal Alternative to you?

A hobby that pays

Do you have another job?

My “real job” is an Authorised Representative for an Insurance Company WFI

Primalista Charmaine says:
“I love my new circle of PA friends/family and love meeting like minded people. Glad that my hobby ended up being successful i.e. its a hobby that pays, as if it didn’t I wouldn’t be doing it after 4 years.. As I mentioned above, it is very important to me that I am successful in whatever I do. I work PA around my real job and of course my social life as I am a very social person. My customers understand this and always know this from their first order that I only bake every two to three weeks. Luckily for me all products freeze very well and I love baking.

Explore the Primalista Licence here.

The next step is to apply for an interview with Primal Alternative Founder, H.  Get access to her diary here.

Note from H:

The Primalista Licence creates opportunity for entrepreneurship.  Primalistas align their vocation with their values and make a difference in the world.

I’m sharing Primalista earnings  here as I want to normalise home-based entrepreneurs earning money in their own business.

Everyone has a different version of how they want to apply the Primalista Licence to their life.  Therefore, no one is better than anyone else.

Primalistas get to create a business that serves them, based on their values.  We do not celebrate ‘top performers’ or anything like that.

I’m wanting to showcase a variety of our Primalistas to celebrate them creating the life they desire and to inspire you with what’s possible.

Primalistas are responsible for their own business and Primal Alternative does not offer any guarantees.

Thanks for being here, Love, H xx

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