Celebrating Primalista Leanne’s 1st Primaversary!

by Helen Marshall

Leanne Fitzgerald

What problem were you struggling with before Primal Alternative?

I have coeliac disease and I’ve been passionate about paleo, clean living and health and fitness for a long time. Having to be extra careful about everything that I eat, means reading endless labels, so I’ve always cooked everything myself to guarantee it’s safe, I do love to cook, but sometimes life gets complicated and it gets too hard to “keep on track”.

Cooking everything from scratch can be so time consuming and expensive, I would often find myself taking shortcuts and purchasing highly processed gluten free foods. I would end up feeling bloated and foggy and just blah, so I would get back on the clean eating wagon until things got too complicated again. And so it became a vicious cycle.

I had heard about Primal Alternative a few months earlier on a Quirky Cooking podcast and was intrigued, but I was working full time and part time. I did have a quick look at it but had not been able to find any stockists close to me so I put the idea into the back of my mind. Fast forward a few months, I was stuck at home recovering from a nasty injury, I had been made redundant from my full time position a few months earlier and Primal Alternative popped up again in my Facebook feed. This time the timing was right, so I decided to book into an interview with H, and I knew pretty much straight away that this is what I wanted.

Any major breakthroughs?

I’m a chatterbox – I love talking to people and hearing their stories and their how and why, so when I first thought about becoming a Primalista I knew I wanted to do markets. I wanted to be able to chat to my customers, explain how things were made and connect with them one on one.

Since starting up I haven’t had to go back to full time work, I’m able to make enough income from my weekly market stall and my stockists to stay home and focus on building my business

How have you changed?

I am definitely more confident in my knowledge on clean living and healthy lifestyles. I have a new found energy that comes from absolutely loving what I do. I had always wanted to do something involving cooking and making life easier for those who don’t love to cook as much as me, but still want to eat vibrant and healthy food, but it always seemed too hard. Finding PA has given me the confidence to get started and I’m now evolving and developing new ideas and recipes to bring my visions to reality

What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about joining Primal Alternative?

It’s a a lot of work – there are long baking hours and lots of admin stuff to keep on top of, but if you really love this kind of thing (food, baking, cooking, more cooking, and more cooking) and your gut tells you its the right thing, then go for it!


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