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Primal Alternative founder, Helen Marshall, reclaimed her own health with a primal lifestyle, is a certified Primal Health Coach and has inspired over 300 women to get out of survival mode and into thriving mode!

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Primal Health Coaching

This is the most effective way to implement and maintain lifestyle changes. A Primal Health Coach is like a catalyst for positive change in your life empowering you to get your health back and live your best life.

Primal Health Coaching is all about intuitive eating and go with the flow workouts. No deprivation or gruelling workouts, dodgy lycra or kettle bells – I promise.

I will meet you fortnightly for three months (six sessions) with support in between sessions.

As well as starting the Lifestyle Questionnaire, you will complete short worksheets each session to maximise your ability to sustain your new healthy lifestyle choices. Primal Health Coaching starts with food but branches out into all aspects of your life. We will focus on food, movement, lifestyle, and mindset.


Thrive – A 21 Day Clean Living Journey

thrive challenge with Helen Marshall

Start your primal reset and transformation right away with Thrive, A 21 Day Clean Living Journey.

Daily videos with easy actionable instructions around food, movement, mindset & lifestyle.

Includes a Facebook Group for support and contact with H.


Health Coaching Australia with Helen Marshall

Set For Life





SET FOR LIFE is the ultimate transformational six week program.

We make primal eating and lifestyle non negotiable in your life by examining your self beliefs and upgrading your mindset for sustainable positive behaviour change.

$660 for six week program with payment plan available by request