Hear from our Primalistas



“At this point 3 ½ months in, the business is holding it’s own financially. I am having a ball! I feel like I’ve come back to life! I love the interaction with people at the markets and I’m overwhelmed with how many people have health issues. I feel privileged to be able to supply them with food they can safely eat that is also delicious. A great model, very user friendly, with loads of support. And all the hard work i.e marketing, packaging – compliance etc is all done! (Thank you H)”

Primalista Leonie


“I love Primal Alternative it’s so do-able! No more day dreaming of starting my own business because I’ve actually made it happen! And there’s no prouder feeling of seeing something fabulous, healthy & wholesome YOU’VE made on the supermarket shelves. This business actually changes lives..”

Primalista Helen Primal Alternative Byron Bay


“Like for many of us, 2020 was a challenging year for my Karate School, which I’d successfully run for 30 years.  With the lockdown in Victoria, I had lots of time to reflect and I realised I needed a career change in order to spend more time with the family. I’d never baked before, but I am passionate about health and helping other men in particular to make the changes to their diets to prevent or reverse chronic lifestyle diseases likes type 2 diabetes. Since joining, I’ve learned to become a baker and learned new skills and methodologies.  I applied my discipline to a new learning curve.  I was conscious of creating an example to my family of embracing change. Perseverance is the key and listening and learning from those who came before.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  If you’re thinking of joining Primal Alternative I think you just have to know what you value and what sort of life expectations you would like to create.  I like to think life isn’t short, it’s just people waste the experience.”

Primalista Jim, VIC

Primalista Anj

“I needed to figure out another way to secure income whilst working from home as my main source of income had expired. Since becoming a Primalista I’ve baked for some awesome people like Jo Whitton, Kim Morrison, Cinnamon Morrisey and Tash Corbin!  I’ve also made some beautiful friends who share similar philosophies.  I’m loving the collaborative, supportive community. There is an incredible body of knowledge and experience to draw on and share.  If you are thinking about joining us I say – time will pass anyway – give it a go!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Primalista Anj, QLD

Primalista Wendy

“I needed something other than my family to verify my Worth and Value.  I am creating great routines that are creating so much joy.  You are able to access as much support, advice and love from your sistas for FREE!!  Financial, productive methods and generally new to business information is a very expensive commodity out of our Primalista society.  It’s not as much work as you expect.  You have the option to decide as little or as large of productiveness you choose.”

Primalista Wendy

Primalista Tara

“I was so impressed with the level of support right from the start with the emails from H and the online resources and how it eliminated any overwhelm I might have otherwise felt. And on top of that you will have the support of your Sistas who have been there before you – it’s a very special community that I love!”

Primalista Tara


“Producing Primal Alternative will help me get the primal word out and help people who are not feeling the best they can be to feel better. I love the sisterhood of the Primalistas – gorgeous girls, what a team!”

Primalista Chicken


“I knew I wanted to do something food related, but was not quite sure what or how as I had no experience in that industry.  Until….one day I came across a post in my Instagram feed about the Primal Alternative business opportunity. It just felt right and I contacted Helen from PA immediately, and had my interview sitting in my car in a carpark! With support from my family, I signed up, and I feel it’s the best decision I have ever made.”

Primalista Gita

Primalista Rosie

” What an incredible two years it’s been…it’s taken me so far from the life I had pre-Primal Alternative. I’ve gone from working solo in a fatigue-inducing day job to running my own business, doing something I love, and being part of a true team of “sistas”. Back then I dreamed of doing something else, of living a different life, of making something different of myself. But something always held me back – I had no faith in my abilities and I was terrified to step outside of my comfort zone (no matter how uncomfortable my “comfort zone” actually was!). Finding Primal Alternative was a blessing. This opportunity spoke to me. I immediately felt connected and supported to take the chance. It was exactly what I had been waiting for. All the heart eyes for that 😍😍💚🙌🌿”

Primalista Rosie, WA

Primalista Tanya L

“Before I joined Primal Alternative I was doing a job that was paying the bills but didn’t really fit my philosophy on health and diet and family life.  Getting my council approval was my biggest breakthrough but doing my first online order. I was so pumped, excited and motivated to do this well with wholehearted commitment. Now I am definitely more productive with a clear focus. I’ve made new friends and kindred souls. setting boundaries in my life is still a work in progress, but hey, I’m up for the challenge.  I have never had a job that fills my bucket like this does, but also, I have never been surrounded by a group of women that a so generous, supportive, encouraging and genuinely interested in your success like I have here with Primal Alternative. I have worked in mainly female dominated jobs and this is so unexpected and refreshing.”

Primalista Tanya, NSW

Primalista Fiona

“I have learnt new skills and I’ve become a better, more confident baker and home cook. I’ve shed over 4kg, I have more energy, am sleeping better, my brain fog has lifted, and I have improved mental clarity… I’ve been learning more about food and wellness and… I feel more empowered and confident as a person”.

Primalista Fiona, NSW

Primalista Kyra

“I am producing Primal Alternative to make it easier for the community to enjoy grain free, locally produced food. I want to help people on a Paleo or restricted diet to stay on track with their health journey. I want to help busy mums like me feed their families REAL food. Primal Alternative gives me the chance to run my own business from home, doing something that I love and serve my community. Being a Primalista has given me everything I wanted.”

Primalista Kyra

Case Studies

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Case Studies: Suzy White

Primalista Suzy WhiteNickol WA, Australia How long has she been a Primalista? In her first year. What matters to her? My family’s health and happiness. Being present for my family. How much does her Primal Alternative business turnover annually? $45,000 How many weeks holidays does she take per year? 10 How many days a week […]

Case Studies: Primalista Amie McHenry

    Primalista Amie McHenry Denmark WA, Australia How long has she been a Primalista? In her first year. What matters to her? Having time for her family (particularly kids) and all the activities they do together. Catching up with friends. Bringing in income. Flexibility. How much does her Primal Alternative business turnover annually? $46,000 […]