Helen Marshall’s Bio & Photo

Helen Marshall’s Bio & Photo

by Helen Marshall

Helen Marshall is a certified Primal Health Coach & founder of the grain free food range Primal Alternative.  Helen hosts the Primal Alternative Podcast on the Wellness Couch which is the number one ranked health and wellness podcast station in Australia.

Faced with a health crisis which included chronic nausea, constipation, insomnia, physical pain, headaches, brain fog, depression, anxiety and phobias, Helen returned to a diet of plants and animals to reclaim her health.  She ditched grains, sugar and seed oils and embraced sunshine, sleep, nature and connection.

Helen qualified as a Primal Health Coach to let other women know that they were not on their own on their health journey and that they too could reclaim their health and change their life just with some diet and lifestyle tweaks and community behind them.

But she got kick back, Helen’s clients told her that going grain free was hard – their were time poor and found themselves falling off the wagon.  People found it hard to go without pizza, bread, cookies and lollies. So Helen offered to create a range of Primal Alternatives to the foods people love to make going grain free easy.

Helen was told that her products were life changing and she felt compelled to get the range to the whole of Australia but the thought of factories didn’t light her up and besides – she didn’t have any capital.

Helen was inspired to franchise her successful baking business so that other women with a passion for clean living could start their own home business, doing what they love and make a difference in their community.

The Primalista Baking License launched on Boxing Day 2018 and to date over 100 incredible women have said yes to this opportunity.  Primal Alternative now has an online store and over 150 stockists across Australia.

In 2018 Quirky Cooking collaborated with Primal Alternative to bring a ready made version of their Life Changing Dough to the community.

Helen hosts group online health coaching programs Thrive – a 21 Day Clean Living Journey and Set for Life her six week total transformational program.

Helen lives on 100 acres of wilderness on the Nullaki Peninsula in Albany, WA with her husband Mike, their children Sam & Milly, cats, chickens, fish and guinea pigs.