by Helen Marshall

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Primalista Led Info Sessions

Hosted by a real life Primalista in their home, an intimate and immersive experience to find out all about Primal Alternative and the baking Licence with an afternoon tea to try the products.  All ticket sales go to the hosting Primalista to cover food costs.  Click the location to get tickets:


Primalista Jody’s Event, Piccadilly

Saturday 21st September 2pm-4pm



Primalista Jane’s Home, Strathalbyn

Friday 27th September 11am-1pm


3 Steps to Owning Your Own Small Whole Food Business


Like to own your own business? A food business? Be your own boss. Enjoy flexible working hours. Get rewarded for your own efforts.

Primal Alternative is a grain free food brand that produces whole food nutrient dense breads, pizza bases, cookies and pastries with Chef Pete Evans and Quirky Cooking.

Our products are home made with love by a network of micro bakers across the globe and packaged in biodegradable cellophane bags.

✅ Register for this FREE Online Info Session and you’ll discover the three essential steps to owning a small-scale home-based baking business – whether you have catering or business skills or neither.

During the Info Session you’ll learn 3 critical business insights that will be “obvious” but only after you’ve seen them:

1️⃣ How to identify a highly profitable niche market in your area that’s not served by other food businesses. Why compete when you can differentiate?

2️⃣ How to identify exactly what these niche customers truly want and deliver them something they really value: convenience without compromise.

3️⃣ How to identify the best business options to start your baking business, make money and avoid burnout. We’ll compare creating your own brand versus buying a done for you Licence. Know the differences to make the best choice for you.

✅ Your own business = NO MORE commuting to the job that’s just not bringing you alive…

✅ Your own business = NO MORE dreaming “Cor it would be great to be my own boss”… and

✅ Your own business = NO MORE procrastination as you’re just not confident about exactly how to set up your own whole food business.

Join the Online Info Session by registering here:

You’ll discover the NEW way to be of service in the wellness industry without having to go back to study… how to set up a home baking business of your own… deliver products that literally transform your customers lives… attract a loyal group of customers who almost do most of your marketing for you when they share how delicious your products are on social media.

If having your own business is not on your dream list, this free Info Session is not for you.

✅ But if you’d like to make a difference in your local community, earn a great living doing something you’re really passionate about, open to investing in yourself and your own business, then this FREE Info Session will show you options you might never have considered.

In the Info Session you’ll learn secret wholefood business insider tips that have cost other business start-ups money not knowing.

✅ But if you really would like to own your own whole food business (one day or soon) this Info Session might be the best time investment you make this year – in yourself.

✅ Although you don’t actually need chef or catering or nutrition qualifications to be a successful Primal Alternative Producer, if you happen to have a passion for clean living, a desire to help others or a love of baking you’ll learn how to take advantage of your skills and life experience.

✅ Click Register and secure your spot today.
FREE WEB EVENT>>> 3 Steps to Owning Your Own Small but Profitable Whole Food Business

Presenter and Helen Marshall is a Primal Health Coach, Founder of Primal Alternative and Podcaster on the Wellness Couch and over one hundred women world-wide have started producing the Primal Alternative Range.

Discovery Call with H

Monday 23rd September 10am AWST


Join Primal Alternative Founder live to ask your questions about the Primalista Baking Licence and so you can find out if this is for you.

The sale price ends on 27th Sept and I want to be here to answer your queries so you don’t miss out.