Helen Marshall

Inspiring mentor on real food, values based business in wellness & creating a life you love.

Primal Alternative founder

Did you know that people are 65% likely to meet a goal after committing to another person?

If you think that’s cool, did you know that their chances of success increase to 95% when they build in ongoing meetings with the other person to check in on their progress? (Source: Entrepreneur).

If you’d like to be held accountable on a more personal level, establishing a one-on-one relationship with a person who is experienced in your field and has achieved a high level of success (me!) can be transformative.

93% of small and mid-sized business owners said mentoring was helpful to their success.

Finding the right mentor can be the most difficult part of developing an accountability partnership.

However at Primal Alternative you get to work with the Founder – who else is better positioned to support you and turn your business vision into a reality?

Extra support is 1:1 mentoring from H and is a transformational experience.

You’ll gain new skills that will enhance all areas of your life. You’ll become more productive with your time, more confident, more focussed and better at setting boundaries.

Helen’s background

  • 32 years in the wellness industry – started with teaching aerobics age 14!
  • Ex personal trainer, gym instructor, group fitness instructor and yoga teacher
  • Over 25 years in sales and marketing, business to business and business to consumer
  • In top seven sales managers for a leading UK Recruitment Firm
  • Business Manager for a leading Australian Recruitment Firm
  • Certified Primal Health Coach and described by Mark Sisson as a ‘rockstar’
  • Founded Primal Alternative in 2014
  • Created a seven figure business from scratch
  • Created collaborative agreements with industry leaders Chef Pete Evans & Quirky Cooking
  • Developed authentic relationships with key influencers to grow the Primal Alternative brand
  • Spoken at many large wellness events & been a guest mentor for Alexx Stuart and Kristen Pavez
  • Hosted a podcast and appeared as a guest on many leading wellness podcasts
  • Produced Primal Alternative products for 18 months before launching the Licence
  • Registered a food business and supported many to do the same
  • Approached stockists, made sales, hosted markets, attended large events, dealt with complaints and knock backs
  • Hands on knowledge of pushing through limiting beliefs
  • Experienced in successfully working from home and recovering from a health crisis and juggling life/family
  • Recognised as a Finalist in the Ausmumpreneur Awards for Product Innovation & Making a Difference; and a Finalist in Home Based Business ACCI Business Excellence Awards

Get support from H to…

  • Help with your food business registration
  • Scale or streamline for more profitability and enjoyment
  • Get clarity on what a thriving business means to you
  • Schedule a week based on what’s most important to you
  • Turn ‘busy’ into productive
  • Prioritise income generating activities
  • Cultivate healthy boundaries, including knowing when to say ‘no’
  • Find your business mojo
  • Understand your business entity – and make it all stop feeling so personal
  • Turn your procrastination, perfection, analysis paralysis or feeling plain scared into action
  • Learn tools to deal with industry competition
  • Get a favourable outcome on your market stall application or current position
  • Resolve an issue with your stockist
  • Know when to quit the day job
  • And more!

How it works

We can meet in person, write over email or voice message on WhatsApp – whatever feels easiest for you!

Meetings are on ZOOM for a 45 minute session.

If you’d rather email/voice message, the 45 mins will be bought as a time block.

Sessions are very go with the flow, fun and inspiring.

You’ll leave the session with a spring in your step.

What the Primalistas say:

“Before Primalista coaching I was struggling with time management, and getting too stressed out trying to do everything.

Now I’m more productive with my time, and more confident especially with approaching potential stockists and customers.

I’m building my customer base… and I’ve left my job at the dentist meaning no more 11 hour days, resulting in grumpy husband and kids! ”

Primalista Suzy

“I’m feeling super motivated now after a coaching session with H earlier this afternoon . Thanks Helen!

You have a real knack for identifying and articulating “issues” and also identifying practical ways of resolving them.

Sistas, I felt like she was really in tune with me and what I needed to hear to help keep my business on track. We are so lucky to have her as our mentor!

This coaching session was well worth it as I now have a clear vision of what I want from my business and how to get there! #gratitude”

Primalista Rosie in 2018

“I booked in with H as I needed some help with balance!  H helped me to polish some areas that were a bit rough around the edges! 

A breakthrough for me is realising that setting boundaries doesn’t make you a bitch! 

I’m more confident to say no and set my business around me and not the other way round.  H always helps to get the perspective back!

If you’re thinking about booking a session with H, I say do it!  You walk away with a clearer head about what you need to make your Primal Alternative business a success.”

Primalista Char.

“I had a little fire in my belly which I knew needed to be ignited, just didn’t know how or what to do to get it started. It [coaching with H] keeps your values at the forefront of your mind and focused on where and why you started the business.

[I’m 3 months into my 6 months coaching with H and] I have managed to get 1 stockist and go to market with another Primalista [H: and later from only having packet mixes approved to having the whole range approved! Woo]

I’m definitely more focused, confident (thanks to my mummabear pants) [H: she’s talking about seeing her business as it’s own seperate entity!] better at setting boundaries, lots of reflection over past and present, goal setting, working out more.

I seem to fit more into my day as I know I have a purpose and direction which in turn fills each cup with what it needs.

While I have had a few obstacles to overcome it has made it easier to have the support of someone who is authentic and true to themselves, while giving you honest feedback without judgment or negativity and allowing you to live out your journey.

Coaching with H brings a lot of other things into your life that you either didn’t know where there or were just a thought, H helps you make it come to life.”


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Helen is based in Western Australia and available for coaching sessions
throughout throughout the world via ZOOM.

Platinum & Gold Membership Primalistas – you have a unique link to book your coaching sessions with me.

Got questions or want to book a few sessions?  Email me and let’s discuss: info@primalalternative.com