by Helen Marshall

Helen Marshall

a lively and inspiring guest speaker

Helen Marshall 2019 Primal Alternative Founder

Helen would love to be a guest on your show or at your event to share her story of how she reclaimed her health with a primal lifestyle and then went on to create an extraordinary life following her dreams.

Helen is naturally charismatic and engaging, and she has a wealth of valuable actionable tips to share that will inspire your audience on their health journey.

Helen went from being overwhelmed at doing the laundry and having a fear of flying, to developing a international network of local producers across Australia, flying around the world and presenting on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Helen Marshall is a certified Primal Health Coach, founder of the grain-free food range Primal Alternative and host of the Primal Alternative Podcast on The Wellness Couch – Australia’s Number 1 ranked health and wellness podcast station.

Personal Story Highlights

  • After a hideous health crisis leads her to ditch grains, seed oils and sugar she qualified as a Health Coach to inspire other women to reclaim their health
  • She then got a kick back that eating “real food” is time consuming and people missed bread!
  • Helen offers to bake primal alternatives to the food people love which was the birth of the Primal Alternative brand.
  • Her Primal Alternative products were a hit at local Farmers Markets, gourmet pizza shops, cafes and health shops but Helen wanted to bring the products to the whole of Australia
  • The idea of factory manufacturing did not light her up, so acting on inspiration she licensed her successful baking business so that other
    Mums, who have a passion for clean living to do what they love, can also make a difference to the health of their local communities
  • The Primal Alternative brand now has over 100 Primalistas (local primal alternative producers) and over 175 stockists in over 4 countries, and growing.
  • Helen broadened horizons for the brand by collaborating with Quirky Cooking’s Fouad Kassab & Jo Whitton, as well as Chef Pete Evans, to create collaborative product lines.
  • Helen has recently been recognised as a Finalist in the Ausmumpreneur Awards for Product Innovation & Making a Difference; and a Finalist in Home Based Business ACCI Business Excellence Awards

As seen at…

Helen has been a guest speaker at the following industry events.

  • Wellness Basecamp
  • Wellness Summit in Melbourne
  • Quirky Cooking live events
  • ‘Kultured Wellness’ event in Perth
  • ‘Business in the Kitchen’ at Denmark WA Chamber of Commerce
  • ‘Food For Thought’ in Albany WA
  • Various Paleo workshops in WA
  • An inspirational talk at ‘Paddock + Farm’ in Perth

Key Topics

Helen is a fun lively and inspiring guest and loves to chat about overcoming fear, overwhelm, moving though a health crisis to living your best life.

Other topics she presents on include:

  • Going Primal
  • Creating Your Best Life
  • Sisterhood & Soulful Success
  • Her Crisis To Success Story
  • Building A Business In The Health Space

Helen is also happy to ‘go with the flow’ and create a show or presentation that best suits your audience based on her experience and expertise.

Featured On

A Quirky Journey
Primal Blueprint Podcast
Up For A Chat Podcast
Real Food Reel Podcast
Wellness Women Radio

Invite Helen Marshall to speak

Helen is based in Western Australia but available for speaking events
throughout Australia and online.