It’s Primalista Karen’s 1st Year Birthday!

Find out more about our fabulous Primalista Karen and how she lives her life, including her best bits and worst bits during the first year of being a Primalista.

by Helen Marshall

I do love our Primalistas!  There is a magic about all Primalistas and to be honest I love every single one of them!  We all have different backgrounds but share the same passion: real food, helping other and being able to work from home to be there for our families.

Jump into the interview with Karen to find out more!


Tell us about you. About your home, about your work and your family. What does a day in your life look like?

I moved to Tasmania last year from Ballina with my husband and mother,I ended up getting a full time job that I had applied for before moving, something I didn’t quite expect,I love my job and its been a great way to meet people locally as we didn’t know anyone down here before moving except my brother and his wife.I took on the job of caring for mum after my father passed away in 2014.

Im super busy person but I have always kept myself busy,Im up at 5am and dont get home until 4pm  although my job keeps me very active some days walking up to 10km,I do try to get in some kind of exercise,I then put dinner on, relax check up on Primal Alternative happenings, bed and then do it all again!

How did you come across Primal Alternative and the opportunity to become a Primalista?

I came across Primal Alternative on Facebook, I generally follow a lot of Paleo pages and became interested immediately,I have a cooking background and I was in the throws of moving house, new state, no job to go to at this point, got in touch with Helen and the rest is history!

What appealed to you about becoming a Primalista?

Absolutely the idea of working for myself, being my own boss, having more time for me it was very exciting to me to to even think about the choices!

How does being a Primalista fit in to your working life? Do you want it to become a full-time job for you or do you see it as more of a hobby?

After getting the job I didn’t think I was going to get and with all the packing and unpacking I had  with moving states I put my ideas on the back burner for a while, but not entirely.During this time I was envisioning how things would eventuate, I had to do some things to the kitchen order items in, visit the council and meet some requirements so although it was on the back burner I was working toward starting up and eventually seeing it all come to fruition in August,11 months after signing up!

You know I would love to do it full-time but Im frightened to take the leap,I have a steady reliable income from my job and I believe I could make this as big as I wanted but time wise its impossible because I have a full time job so at the moment Im just not sure how to go about it. I will just keep going the way Im going at the moment and consider next year what i want to do,I will have to!! Because when Im not working Im cooking and doing markets and I know I can’t keep doing that forever.

At this point I need to give a big shout out to my husband, delivery guy, invoice maker, stock picker-uperer,label sticker oner and bread slicing extraordinaire who I just could not do this without its really been a joint effort.

How often do you bake?

I ask my stockists to have orders in by 3pm and Fridays for delivery on Mondays ,that way when I come home Friday I make a plan of what I need to get done, mostly I will cook Saturdays if I have a market on Sunday and incorporate my stockists in as

well so Im only cooking one day, sometimes I have come home Sundays after markets and had to start cooking again because I have sold out of bread, I know now to leave the stockists bread at home!!

How many stockists do you have, and would you like to give any of them a little shout out?

At the moment I have three plus my market but I potentially have 2 more that are currently sampling the products and my markets at Devonport is well supported fortnightly.

Again,Im time restricted these stockists and markets keep me pretty busy, I still believe that I could be as busy as i wanted.

Nuts About Health in Wynyard , Penguin Fruit and Veg,Delish Fine Foods Wivenhoe also the Devonport Providore Markets fortnightly are my currents stockists.

What do you love about being a Primalista?

I love seeing people recognise the brand!  and I love hearing stories of how these products have helped people stay on track without missing out on bread, pizza and cookies! And I love it when people are excited to see us!

I love how the sistahood helps one another with any difficulty that arises, its really great you never feel alone.

What don’t you enjoy about being a Primalista?

At times I have felt that we are moving too fast without perfecting the products we have first.Since I bought the franchise we have introduced pastry, online shopping, bake at home range,Im all for growing the brand ,I have just been frustrated at times when things get changed I feel like I can’t keep up at times.

What is your most favourite Primal Alternative related memory from the last 12 months?

Definitely the Quirky Cooking event in Burnie,it was my introduction and we were so warmly welcomed.

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

I think about this sometimes,I do know I can’t be this busy forever so something has to give, my dream would be to have a small commercial kitchen on the property and cook full time Im just not brave enough to take the plunge and unsure at what point I would do this,I am the only income in the household so I need to be sure- so ask me in another 12 months!!

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