On Demand Webinar - Primalista Info Session - Primal Alternative Australia
by Helen Marshall

Primalista Info Session

This is a must see event if you are contemplating becoming a Primal Alternative Producer, AKA Primalista.

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I will show you how I built a thriving business to follow my passion for healthy real food and how you can do it too.

We will deep dive into the three core tenants of Primal Alternative:

> Ancestral Health
> Recipes & Resources (business blueprint)
> Sisterhood Support

You will get a peak behind the scenes to what resources are actually available to all Primal Alternative Producers and what that looks like.

We will explore what’s making YOU tick right now AND what is holding you back.

We will bust some common myths like ‘there aren’t enough people willing to spend $15.95 on a loaf of bread‘ and ‘am I crazy to want to start my own business – who do I think I am?‘ – yup, good old imposter syndrome.