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Paleo Yorkshire puddings





by Helen Marshall

My fab Mam, Kath shared this recipe with me and it’s a total winner.  It is from the Health Starts in the Kitchen Website and I have adapted it to work in the Thermomix, but you could just as easily make this with a stick blender, whisk or even fork and bowl.

I am not a born and bred Yorkshires lassie but having gone to Uni in Leeds, a city in Yorkshire and then living there for ten years I class myself as much Yorkshire as I am Australian!

Yorkies are the total bomb!  They are like a pancake mix that is traditionally eaten as a starter before your beef and veggies for Sunday dinner.  Served with a gravy (my Mam’s onion gravy is the best) these little puddings were traditionally designed to ‘fill you up’ before the meat and veggies.


Makes 12 Yorkies.

3 large free range eggs

120ml any milk you like (nut milk to be dairy free)

120g tapioca starch

2.5g salt

Good quality fat like lard, ghee, coconut oil or butter.


Heat your oven to 200 degrees.  Add half a teaspoon of fat to the bottom of a 12 tin muffin tin.

Pre heat the tray in the oven until the fat is bubbling – or for about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile chuck all of the ingredients in the Thermomix Bowl and mix speed 4 for 2 minutes.

Remove the muffin tray from the oven using gloves.

Pour the Yorkie batter into the muffin tray, up to about a third of the tin.

Pop the tray back into the oven and sit back and watch the Yorkies do their magic!  This takes about 20 minutes.

We like them filled with beef, gravy and mustard! Mmmmm!!  Proper nice!

Hope you love them too!

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