Potential Primalista – do you feel ‘terrexcitified’?

by Helen Marshall

Do you feel ‘terrexcitified’?

Before I start rambling on in this blog post, I would firstly like to say hey!!  Thanks for being here.  Thanks for finding out more about my Baking Franchise opportunity.  I really appreciate it.

What I see a lot with Potential Primalistas is a lot of excitement, this idea resonates with  A LOT of people and the feedback that myself and the other Primalistas get is that we are creating something really cool.  Trail blazing, empowering, amazing are all words that have been used to describe this unique baking franchise network of local producers.

Here’s you:
You like this idea. That is why you are here.  You are probably into clean eating yourself, or reclaiming your own health.  It is likely that you are looking for a business doing something that you love, one that gives you flexibility.

You feel excited.
Then you feel terrified.

You start to doubt whether you could be successful, sure those other Primalistas are going good, but what if people don’t buy it from you.  You like baking but you aren’t so sure about the sales side.  You are clean and organised but hopeless at business. Maybe there isn’t a market for Primal Alternative in your area.  Maybe the products are too expensive?  You don’t think you can afford it and so on and so on and so on.

Have you had any of those thoughts?
If you have – congratulations you are normal!!  And, to be honest, if you haven’t then chances are you haven’t got a pulse or this idea totally isn’t lighting you up!

Feeling afraid is a good sign!
Know this – it is totally normal to feel ‘terrexcitified’!!  That is when you feel all excited and totally terrified at the same time – in fact, there hasn’t been a Primalista that has signed up yet that wasn’t a tiny bit pooping her pants!!

It is totally PRIMAL to feel terrexcitified or scared before we do something new.  That is your primal brain trying to protect you.  Back in the day like 50,000 years ago (that’s how long our brain hasn’t evolved!!) taking a risk and trying something would mean a threat to survival.  Like, literally life or death.

Comfort Zone
It is safe to stay where you are doing what you’ve been doing.  This is what is called our comfort zone.

But personal growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone.  The magic happens when you step outside of your comfort zone.

And if you think this is just a business opportunity – think again!  Those of you who have already ran their own business will agree that running your own business is an amazing journey of self discovery and growth!  Whatever shiz you have that needs addressing – it is going to show up when you run your own business!!

Take me for example…
I know this first hand.  I have had to up-skill in areas such as technology, limiting self beliefs, confidence, networking, legalities, franchise law, labeling, design, money management to name but a few. I can tell you this – that even though it is fully scary and terrexcitifying – the feeling coming out on the other side having done it is priceless.  It feels to me like what it really feels to be alive: fulfilled, inspired, fearless, blissed out, connected and happy.

Having the network of the other Primalistas behind you is by far our biggest asset!  We call it #primalistapower!!

  • Feeling nervous about walking into that health shop to pitch the range?  Feeling the #primalistapower gets you through the door.
  • Had an unusual question from a customer?  Turn to #primalistapower for the answer
  • Had an amazing sell out market and want to celebrate success – defiantly come to #primalisatpower

So the message of this email is, if this idea resonates and you feel scared, you are not alone – this is actually a good sign – use this an opportunity to grow, don’t hold yourself back.  Look your doubts and fears in the face and say “this is just an experiment” be fearless and follow your heart.

Here is what Primalista Debbie has to say:

“That’s how I leapt in – after months of procrastinating one day it just felt right and I didn’t want to look back and wonder about what could have been.  There is so much support and everyone shares so much as had fantastic constructive feedback.  You will never feel like you are out on your own as you now have a second family.  Welcome aboard!”

As you can see, feeling terrexcitified is actually a prerequisite of becoming a Primalista!! The rest of the process is as simple as 1,2,3!

Steps to take to sign up to be a Primalista:

  1. Feel terrexcitied – this idea has got to resonate with you and push you out of your comfort zone
  2. Get your domestic health licence – contact your council
  3. Sign Up.

So what do you think?  I would love to hear if this email hits a note with you.  Just hit email me at info@primalalternative.com  – I would love to hear from you!

Alternatively head to Potential Primalistas Facebook Group and share your thoughts in there – you won’t be alone!

Until, next time

Love, H xx

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