Potential Primalista – do you know about the Payment Plan?

by Helen Marshall

The Payment Plan.

Chances are you don’t have a spare $5, 520 lying around in the bank.  Or if you do, maybe you want to keep that aside as your rainy day fund or an OMG WTF fund.

I totally get that.

When I first franchised Primal Alternative I had a 12 week payment plan in place and soon realised that even that wasn’t very doable.

I really want to make this a low risk business opportunity that is totally doable for you.

And that’s why I created the 12 month payment plan.

You can pay monthly:
$1,000 deposit
$520 annual royalties paid in advance
$333.33 for 12 months

You can pay fortnightly:
$1,000 deposit
$520 annual royalties paid in advance

You can pay upfront:
(annual royalties are waived for the first year if you pay upfront)

You can arrange another payment plan that suits you:
min $1,000 deposit
$520 annual royalties in advance
$4,000 paid off weekly, fortnightly or monthly for up to 52 weeks max
Just email me and let me know what works.

Please note that the payment plan is not a membership and even if you stop being a Primalista, that the amount must be paid in full.  

A rough idea of how that looks in a week as a Primalista
A recent survey of Primalistas showed me that on average a Primalista is producing $70 of product per hour and about half of that is profit to her.

So if you baked for 10 hours a week you would be roughly earning $350 per week of which $78.43 would be repaying your licence.

I can only offer rough ideas as it depends on how much your ingredients were, how fast you work and what you are producing but this provides a fair idea.

I think that is totally doable – do you?  I would love to hear what you think!

Please hit reply or comment in the Potential Primalistas Facebook Page!

Until next time,

Love, H xx

Here is Primalista Chicken Charmaine from Mandurah, as well as working full time, Chicken supplies Dynamic Organic, Mana Wholefoods & friends and family.


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