Primalista Caz’s 1st Birthday!

by Helen Marshall

It is a year since Caroline Lambie decided to become a Primal Alternative Producer – AKA: Primalista!  To celebrate Caz I invited her to reflect on the year that was and share some of her insights into her first 12 months as a Primalista!

I don’t know about you but I am always keen to see how other successful people run their lives and not just their goals and big dreams but how do they actually spend their days and what is their outlook on life like?

I admire Caz as I think she has a great blend of work and family life and, learning from past experiences, always tries to not put too much pressure on herself.  This involves saying ‘no’ to some things but at the benefit of her overall health.  It makes her ‘yes’ even more powerful!

Caz has helped me massively lately as she baked for the gazillions of products that we needed to get some lab testing done.  I am so grateful!

I feel very linked to Caz as she is Scottish and I am from the North of England with Scottish ancestry so we are practically cut from the same cloth!  I love ye henny and am so proud of how you have gone over the last year and am looking forward to creating many more awesome experiences together!!


Let’s dive into the interview…


H: Tell us about you. About your home, about your work and your family. What does a day in your life look like?

Caz: I’m Caz, 43yr old mother of 2 energetic kids & FIFO partner, I used to be a chef but  having a relationship & children makes me struggle to work in that profession with the long hours & variable shifts, then became a swim teacher but due to health reasons have came away from pool work, my passion now is to do housekeeping for families & bake for my Primal Alternative Business.

A typical day in my life is getting up at 6am to have some quiet time of stretching, shower & cuppa before the kids are awake & the busy morning of getting to school starts, after drop off I come home to get organised to bake or go cleaning other people’s houses, I do intermittent fasting a lot so midday is normally when I start eating food which is a huge salad, soup or bacon/eggs/ plenty of greens, a couple of snacks of nuts/ berries & dinner @ 6pm cause no eating after 7.30/8pm.

My hobbies are dog walking, Pilates & reading which I try to fit in most days.


H: How did you come across Primal Alternative and the opportunity to become a Primalista?

Caz: I came across Primal Alternative while I was recovering from knee surgery on my Facebook it kept popping up for about 6 months every day so I thought maybe this is meant to be so started doing my research & contacted Helen for a chat & as soon as we spoke I just knew this would suit me with my lifestyle of children & FIFO partner.


I thought maybe this is meant to be.

H: What appealed to you about becoming a Primalista?

Caz: My appeal was that I could do something that I was passionate about which is working in a kitchen but it didn’t  affect my family life which is really important for me to get that balance if work/ family & me time.

I could do something that I was passionate about.

H: How does being a Primalista fit in to your working life? Do you want it to become a full-time job for you or do you see it as more of a hobby?


Caz: It fits perfectly I choose when I can bake which is normally 1or 2 days a week, I’m very happy at this moment in time to have it as more of a part time hobby cause I love to have variety in my week.

H: How often do you bake and what is your favourite product to bake?

Caz: 1 or 2 days a week, my favourite is the Fat & Seedy to bake it’s also one of my most popular sellers


H: How many stockists do you have, and would you like to give any of them a little shout out?

Caz: I have 2 stockists, Helen King Naturopath & BJ’s Esperance which are perfect again for me as it fits in with my family life, also a big shout out to my loyal personal customers who contact me every time they need topped up with Primal Alternative goodies.

I love being a Primalista cause it lets me do what I love

H: What do you love about being a Primalista?

Caz: I love being a Primalista cause it lets me do what I love which is bake, I’ve also met the most wonderful sistahood that is so supportive & Helen is positively the best mentor you could ask for she’s always got your back.

Am also providing my community with a product that is freshly baked with love & supporting them on their health journey


H: What don’t you enjoy about being a Primalista?


Caz: Am not really disliking anything it’s always a challenge learning new things but an accomplishment after which might be unenjoyable at the time.


H: What is your most favourite Primal Alternative related memory from the last 12 months?

Caz: Meeting Helen & the other sistas at the Quirky Cooking event & getting to know so many new friends who’ve got the same passions & believes as myself in fuelling our bodies with awesome food.


H: Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

Caz: Still enjoying my work/life/family balance & building lots more friendships/stockists through selling my Primal Alternative product


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