Primalista Leanne’s 1st Year Birthday or (Primaversary!)

Now hear from Leanne why she became a Primalista and the favourite products she likes to bake

by Helen Marshall

Another of our fabulous Primalistas celebrates one year with Primal Alternative

Primalista Leanne’s Birthday Interview

Tell us about you. About your home, about your work and your family. What does a day in your life look like?

  • Hi my name is Leanne, I’m 49 years old. I am married to Shane, we have 3 girls Jaymee (23), Renee (21) and Ashley (14). I’m a registered nurse working in high level care for the past 28 years. In November 2017 I had a stress heart attack that absolutely floored me. I didn’t believe I would be able to return to my work.

How did you come across Primal Alternative and the opportunity to become a Primalista?

  • I found Primal Alternative scrolling through Facebook and it immediately resonated with me. I love to cook and I could do this from home. I signed up! It was so terrifying/exciting. I was right out of my comfort zone, It was very overwhelming at first, but it got easier when I stopped comparing what other primalista sisters were doing and decided how I was going to run my business. This took me a little while to find my feet. We have a lovely group of Vic Primal Alternative sisters that are so supportive of each other.

What appealed to you about becoming a Primalista?

  • What appeals to me most is making these products, it is so satisfying watching people taste the products and seeing their reactions especially with the turmeric and hemp seed bread as it is so popular.

How often do you bake and what is your favourite product to bake?

  • I work 3 to 4 days per week as a nurse, then bake usually on a Wednesday/Thursday and deliver on Thursday/Friday, or bake Friday for a Saturday market. So I bake weekly, It may take one or two days. My favourites are the fat and seedy bread, fruit toast with goji berries, pizza bases and the turmeric and hemp seed bread smells divine.

How many stockists do you have, and would you like to give any of them a little shout out?

  • I have one stockist called Bacchus Marsh Natural Health. I attend a market once a month, it’s called the Geelong Vegan Lifestyle Market. I have individuals who email and text orders to me and I also have orders from the online shop.

What do you love about being a Primalista?

  • I love how close the Primalista Vic sisters are and are always just a message away for help and support. The baking of the products is very satisfying, watching people taste the products and seeing their reactions.

What don’t you enjoy about being a Primalista?

  • I really didn’t like making the Triple Choc Keto cookies they were a nightmare, Until Terri came up with another tweak to the recipe. Magic! Just like that they are now fine to make.

What is your most favourite Primal Alternative related memory from the last 12 months?

  • The Wellness summit 2018, it really opened my eyes and cemented that there is a need and people want out beautiful Primal Alternative products. With so many like-minded people at the Wellness Summit it then it helped me from being scared and only doing a few online orders to growing a stockist, a market and personal orders in 4-5 months.

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

  • If I can do this I am very excited to see what comes next. The Wellness summit is very inspiring and encourages your growth and confidence. I can’t wait for this year’s Wellness summit in Melbourne-August.

If you would love to secure your place as a Primalista head here and if you like what you see, apply for a Primalista Interview.

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