Meet Primalista Jane - she just loves GRAIN! What??

Here is why Primalista Jane just had to quit!

Check out this blog post written by our very own Primalista Jane as she shares her health journey and her discovery of Primal Alternative to her quitting her day job!

by Helen Marshall

Want to hear a funny story?


I LOVE WHEAT, in fact I LOVE ALL GRAINS, but not in the way you might imagine.

You see, my whole professional life has revolved around grains and all things grain marketing. I have spent nearly twenty years in this game and loved every minute of it. Before children I was a full time grain marketing consultant, and after kids, life needed some tweaking, so my roll evolved into that of a part time grain market analyst.

Primalista Jane

Primalista Jane, Primal Alternative Busselton, WA

But about 12 months or so I started looking to make some changes in my diet. I wasn’t feeling well (as I knew I could be) and was carrying a few unwanted kg’s, so I started looking for some solutions, and going grain free was one of them.

I started out following this new dietary path, and soon found I was a bit sick of baking all these kind of bread replacements for myself, so started searching for a brand that could do that for me (so I could eat grain free, but keep up with my grain marketing by day…….. you seeing the irony here??).

Enter stage left Primal Alternative. I was googling and found an online shop that stocked all the things I wanted someone else to slave over making, and then they could pop them in the post to me. Yay! Problem solved. I ordered, I tasted, I liked it. That’s where you’d think the story could quite end.

Just me, being a consistent online shopper.

But I’m also a bit of a spend thrift, so I searched the Primal website for a local stockist/baker so I could avoid the freight cost, and then it hit me – no one in Busselton was currently supplying this product. So scrolling down even further, there was the option to find out more about becoming a Primalista myself, and BAM, (I think I might have had a mini-midlife crisis moment), and thought I could do that! Maybe I could make some money on the side (of my grain focussed job haha).

So I bit the bullet and went through the motions of buying my license, setting up the kitchen (all that fun shopping for bakeware etc, and the more laborious parts of getting a domestic kitchen license form the council). So by the end of May/early June 2019 I starting baking for local customers.

But much to my surprise (and perhaps a little shock horror here……………) I found that I got immense enjoyment from the baking itself, but I had a constant stream of orders – thanks to the established reputation of Primal Alternative and the invention of social media and being able to connect with lots of people quickly.

So I had bought myself a solution to a problem, but inadvertently, purchased myself another problem. TIME or lack of it.

Enter stage right – major life changes ahead.

So in my ‘normal’ world I run a household containing three kids (10 and under), I do my professional job (did I mention that it was in grains? Haha), sit on the school board that my children attend, and have a husband who spends about a week away of each month working.

Now I added a baking business for a day a week, and delivering the goodies on the only weekday I had left. Sigh…………….. time, just no time.

Another light bulb moment tells me that there is demand for my/our Primal product, but it forced me into a decision. Is baking just a day a week hobby? Or something more. To make it pay its way as a part time job, it needed more of my time, so I decided to throw myself right in the deep end, and QUIT the well paid/flexible job (that I have always loved) and see if I can make it as a baker. It can provide me the flexibility I crave as a working mum, now I just need to lift the takings , and on that side of things, making time just for baking will be a bonus.

If I’m honest, writing this in the middle of the January school holidays with three kids at home all day, I’m not feeling like a remotely fiscally sensible adult – but still, it’s the right time of my life to try it out.

So no more grain marketing, just grain free baking.

Its challenging, scary as hell and I love it.

Oh, and before my story ends – DIGESTION.

From a digestive point of view, turns out my love affair with grains really is all to do with markets and numbers and spreadsheets, and not my body! I’m much better for eating without grains, so my very original issue – MY EVERYDAY DIET has also been helped along by finding Primal Alternative.

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