What our customers say about the Primal Alternative range.

Have recently purchased Fat & Seedy bread mix. Very simple to make with ingredients I already had. Freezes really well. I put two slices in my sandwich press then spread with avocado for breakfast or lunch. Really fills me up and is very tasty! Looking forward to ordering again in the near future

Anne Pearce

Re: ‘Fat and Seedy Bread’.
For the first time, today I tried this bread. To say I am impressed by the quality of this loaf, would be the understatement of the year. Low carb, Keto friendly, a beautiful ingredient compilation, and a finished texture that is testament to superb baking skill. A bare slice of this loaf tastes gorgeous just as it is, I proved this to myself more than once today. Not only will I purchase again, I will be gifting loaves to friends. It really is that good. Well done Primal Alternative, and thank you (please keep baking).

Stephen L

Just had the fruit toast it was so yummy,
The grain free cookies have been a big hit with the family.

Caroline Lambie

The grain free cookies are fantastically amazing! So happy that we get to sell them at our coffee bar (and eat a few along the way). Thank you to our local Primalista, Nat xxx

Mitle Southey

Absolutely love the Winter Paleo Bread! I haven’t tried the others, but so far so good!

Rowena Elizabeth Margaret

I’ve only tried the fat and seedy bread and all I can say is WOW! A guilt free and tasty alternative if carb conscious. All 100% natural ingredients means no nasties too! I will never miss bread again!
Emma Pollard

We received our first delivery yesterday of a starter pack and some life changing dough. we started with the pumpkin bread. my newly gluten free 6 yr old son has grieved and complained every time I have given him gluten free bread, but yesterday he raved about the pumpkin bread. “Mummy, I really like this one, can I have some more?” My three kids devoured the cookies in three seconds flat (should have hidden them for myself) again to rave reviews. This morning I have sliced the fruit bread to freeze and everyone is picking at my slices trying to steal it! I did manage to secret away a slice of the fruit bread and cover it in raw organic honey for my own morning tea. Heavenly! Beautiful products!

Gillian Garth

I was introduced to the Turmeric & Hemp Bread yesterday for the first time … bloody delicious and particularly good with avocado/lime/chilli. Yum!

Christine Grogan

Love the Primal Alternative range! The pizza bases are so so good and it’s nice to enjoy a choc chip biscuit without any guilt.

Naomi Burgess Mitchell

The breads I’ve tried are fat & seedy, pumpkin seed & not nut hemp.!All amazing & definitely worth the money. Bagels are great too 😊
I’m just having a slice of fruit toast with butter & cream cheese & it is soooo good. The other thing I’ve found with these breads are they are very filling. So glad I can now purchase it in my town.

Frances Morell

We’ve been absolutely loving our Grain Free Cookies and Primal Pizza Bases! So much so that now we’re out and desperately need some more, we just can’t resist!

Dr Brett Hill — That Paleo Show


The Primal Alternative Gellies are perfect little healing treats!

Rae Powys — Naturopath


All gone the family loved it.

Cyndi O’Meara — Changing Habits

Awesome products loving them ! My primalista is awesome thanks caz for the wonderful baking

Melanie Hazeldine

Delicious and guilt free don’t feel bloated or sick after eating gives you energy too

Natalie Castaldini

Absolutely loved, loved, loved the keto bread!  Just one thin slice had me satiated, I think I almost had a spiritual journey while savouring each morsel!  Thank you!


I just wanted to let you know that the No Nut Hemp Granola is absolutely delicious. A small portion is very satisfying and gets my day off to a great start. I’m normally not very interested in eating breakfast, but I love eating the granola, be it with milk, Greek yogurt and fruit or straight from the bag as a snack. It’s perfect for my Keto diet.

Elaine – UK

Received my no nut hemp bread today. OMG! Game changer. So delicious and I get to have my avo on toast as well as eggs on toast now. Happy as a pig in mud! Thanks heaps xxx

Vanessa Moodley

The Primal Health coaching Helen provides has been truly life changing for me personally. I now have the knowledge and strategies to move forward in my journey to be a healthy person. I highly recommend this journey for others who are struggling with balancing life, food, movement and the mind �

Ylonda Marshall

Delicious and guilt free don’t feel bloated or sick after eating gives you energy tooAs a Scientist Healrh comes from a strong Immune system which has been fed with balanced Nutrition. Foods high in Protein and ‘Good’ oils and natural sugars and seeds etc Paleo guidelines have rebalanced my system as Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid arthritis have both dissipated😀 After being hit by a bus when 20yo I did not think my joints would be as mobile and pain free! Thank you to awesome foods with right ingredients.

Debbie Wood

I bought a few products recently to support some dietary changes we have had to make. The No Nut Hemp wraps are awesome for lunches and burrito substitutes. The Fruit toast is rich, tasty and filling. I’m doing another order this week! Thank you to my lovely baker Tania who was so professional and accommodating with a delivery that was spot on the promised time with a friendly smile.

Sandy Bee

Love love love their products I received them in a few days after ordering and will continue to try new things x

Tammy Buswell

OMG just got a delivery from one of your Primalistas…I ate three cookies in a row! So darn gooooooooood!!!!!!!!!

Jen Richards – Rumbles Paleo

Tried your fat and seedy bread today. As a type 2 diabetic bread has been off the menu for 6 months. Tasted really good, not big enough slices for a sandwich but will be good for a snack or with bacon and eggs for breakfast. I will definitely be keeping a loaf in the freezer at all times.

Karen Spruce

Your Zucchini bread is EPIC!

Jules Galloway — Naturopath


Incredible! Helen could take over the globe!

Mark Sisson — The Primal Blueprint


I actually have some of your incredible bread in my freezer! It’s amazing I love what you guys are doing.”

Luke Hines – Author, Chef & Trainer


Primal Alternative is a collaborative, people-centric model of franchising, perfect for those of you who want to work from home with flexible hours, and be part of a healthy baking community! If you’ve ever thought about turning your home kitchen into a home business, you need to check this out…so many people are time poor and just want to have their baking delivered, or would like to pick it up from the store on the way home from work. You’ll be helping busy families to eat healthier, and doing a job you love, from home!

Jo Whitton — Quirky Cooking

I’ve been a fan of Primal Alternative for a number of years now since meeting Helen, her products are perfect for my Paleo lifestyle. Helen deserves all the praise for what she has created not only with her healthy range of delicious baked goods, most importantly she’s an amazing entrepreneur and created a like-minded community of passionate home bakers who are spreading the message of a paleo lifestyle. I love that they are all creating a ripple effect within their local communities. I have met a lot of her team members at many events all over Australia and they are so passionate about what they do! Well done Helen and the Primalistas!

Stephanie Hill

I’ve just received my choc chip cookies!
Hold me back before I eat the whole packet!
These are so delicious and buttery I’m absolutely in love 😍
Thank you !!!

Lauren Lister

Thank you Helen and primal alternative for your fat and seeding bread but many other yummy treats – making a bacon and egg sandwich possible on a keto diet

Susan Elmer

I bought some fat and seedy bread from Natimuk market on the weekend! Tracy was so lovely 😊 this morning I had vegemite and cheese toasties… oh my gosh it was delicious!

Bree Myers

Your choc chip cookies are delicious! However it is your pizza bases that have made a big difference to our family – once a week we can have a meal that takes next to no effort to throw together and that everyone loves and that is nutritious with very little washing up to do and that makes me very happy. The fact that you bake our bases without egg yolk to suit our particular intolerances is really appreciated too.

Nina Bradshaw

I would absolutely recommend this mix to anyone. The far seedy bread is delicious, but it’s also versatile. Tonight I converted it to zucchini slice, extra everything and add bacon = flavourgasim #yourwelcome and don’t you dare buy it all. I need to restock

Sarah Elsbury

Love everything you make! Especially your gellies – OMG – and your pizza bases – the whole family loves them, and they make such a great easy meal! Thank you!

Mandy Hodgson

Just wanted to give these a 10/10! Will definitely purchase again. Thanks for making such a quality product.

Liana Kennedy

My favourite thing is the fruit toast, then the cookies and gellies, my family love the pizza bases – so all up, everything is loved and so wonderful to be able to buy healthy, nutritious and delicious ‘convenience food’. Thank you Helen!

Carol Duncan

LOVE the Triple Choc Keto Cookies…not too sweet, hint of salt and the delicious crunch of cacao nibs. Hard to stop at one, but then made me look forward to my cup of tea each night.

Mellie Teo

Everything is so so good and it just takes the stress out of eating grain free

Bek Daley

An amazing network of home bakers baking a set selection of Wholefood goods for their local community across Australia. Such a fab idea. Uniting women with a love of baking from scratch with families who want from scratch but either don’t like baking or don’t have the time.

Alexx Stuart — Low Tox Life

Love everything you make! Especially your gellies –
OMG – and your pizza bases – the whole family loves them! They make such a great easy meal.

Mandy – WA

Back to nature!

Eating natural, clean and unprocessed food!

The way our bodies are used to!

Love it!

Lee – Anne – WA

I feel satisfied yet light.  None of that foggy feeling from other breads.
Naida – WA

Thank you Primal Alternative for our amazing goodies. The whole family love them!
Leanne Anders — PrimalMum

WOW! I was so amazed… thank you so much! The boys and I were so impressed, we loved the products so much.

Heidi Hosking – Health Coach

I choose to eat Primal Alternative because it is convenient and it agrees with me.  I know it doesn’t have any nasties and it is a great fall back when life is busy – and it is delish!
Melissa – WA

I love the Primal Alternative range because I know I can trust it.

It’s healthy and clean without compromising on taste.

Sarrah – WA

Delicious comfort food with none of the guilt and lovingly baked by someone else!

Win, win, win!

Bronwyn – WA

Your product is amazing, I’m on a really harsh diet and this food has been like heaven, thanks!

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