by Helen Marshall


What our customers say about the Primal Alternative range.

We’ve been absolutely loving our Grain Free Cookies and Primal Pizza Bases! So much so that now we’re out and desperately need some more, we just can’t resist!
Dr Brett Hill — That Paleo Show


The Primal Alternative Gellies are perfect little healing treats!

Rae Powys — Naturopath


All gone the family loved it.

Cyndi O’Meara — Changing Habits

OMG just got a delivery from one of your Franchisees…I ate three cookies in a row! So darn gooooooooood!!!!!!!!!
Jen Richards – Rumbles Paleo

Your Zucchini bread is EPIC!

Jules Galloway — Naturopath


Incredible! Helen could take over the globe!

Mark Sisson — The Primal Blueprint


I actually have some of your incredible bread in my freezer! It’s amazing I love what you guys are doing.”

Luke Hines – Author, Chef & Trainer


Primal Alternative is a collaborative, people-centric model of franchising, perfect for those of you who want to work from home with flexible hours, and be part of a healthy baking community! If you’ve ever thought about turning your home kitchen into a home business, you need to check this out…so many people are time poor and just want to have their baking delivered, or would like to pick it up from the store on the way home from work. You’ll be helping busy families to eat healthier, and doing a job you love, from home!

Jo Whitton — Quirky Cooking

An amazing network of home bakers baking a set selection of Wholefood goods for their local community across Australia. Such a fab idea. Uniting women with a love of baking from scratch with families who want from scratch but either don’t like baking or don’t have the time.

Alexx Stuart — Low Tox Life

Love everything you make! Especially your gellies –
OMG – and your pizza bases – the whole family loves them! They make such a great easy meal.

Mandy – WA

Back to nature!

Eating natural, clean and unprocessed food!

The way our bodies are used to!

Love it!

Lee – Anne – WA

I feel satisfied yet light.  None of that foggy feeling from other breads.
Naida – WA

Thank you Primal Alternative for our amazing goodies. The whole family love them!
Leanne Anders — PrimalMum

WOW! I was so amazed… thank you so much! The boys and I were so impressed, we loved the products so much.

Heidi Hosking – Health Coach

I choose to eat Primal Alternative because it is convenient and it agrees with me.  I know it doesn’t have any nasties and it is a great fall back when life is busy – and it is delish!
Melissa – WA

I love the Primal Alternative range because I know I can trust it.

It’s healthy and clean without compromising on taste.

Sarrah – WA

Delicious comfort food with none of the guilt and lovingly baked by someone else!

Win, win, win!

Bronwyn – WA

Your product is amazing, I’m on a really harsh diet and this food has been like heaven, thanks!

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