SET FOR LIFE is a 6 week program that seals in positive habits, so you live an extraordinary life.

When you take care of the ordinary the extraordinary takes care of itself.

How are you feeling today?

Chances are you have a sneaking suspicion you could be feeling better, right?

How would a pain free, dis-ease free, energised, well rested, well nourished and connected version of you feel?

Today we can measure absolutely everything about ourselves with modern technology, we know how much we weigh, how much percentage of that is fat, bone, muscles or water.  We know how many hours we slept and how many times we turned in the night, we know how many calories we burn, steps we take, sugar in our blood, the difference in the beat to beat of our heart to name but a few.

Yet, ironically – many of us do not know how we feel.

We don’t know when we are hungry.  We don’t know when we are satisfied.  We don’t know what we feel like to eat.  We don’t know how we feel like moving.  We have closed off from our inner guide, our intuition. We push through even though we feel tired.  We have lost faith in ourselves, we cannot trust ourselves.  How can we know what the right steps to take are for our best life, if we can’t even work out what we feel like eating?

If you feel like this, then congratulations, you are not alone!

I am here to tell you that “it’s not your fault, you are not alone and YOU CAN RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH!'”

I am also here to tell you that reclaiming your health is going to be the most delicious, liberating journey of self worth in your freaking life!

I am also here to show you how feeling guilty, shame and failure, or using food and exercise as a punishment is SO 90’s – and so the road to burn out and overwhelm.

If you are ready, BECOME SET FOR LIFE!

Natalie - Primalista Australia

“Time has slowed down, it seems to go on forever!  I can see clearer, life is not as manic.”

Natalie, WA

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Join whenever you like and take each step at your own pace.

So, if you have tried diets in the past then you know this: diets don’t work!

Eating less and moving more also won’t work!

This is good news sister!  There is another way and it simply involves getting back to the foods and lifestyle rituals that we evolved on and thrive on as a species.

Well how does that look?  That means fat is back!  It looks like meat and three veg!  It is PLANTS & ANIMALS!

It is getting enough sleep and sunshine, spending time in nature, making time to chill your brain out & connect with your loved ones.  Eating and living this way really makes you feel alive. Imagine that!

I have created this programme for women like you, who are wanting to create positive habits in their lifestyle to promote good health, to have some strategies in place for not ‘falling off the wagon’.

Unlike some diet and lifestyle programmes that rely on mega willpower and motivation, SET FOR LIFE works with human behaviour, you can have your cake and eat it too! I believe that being healthy can be delicious and totally doable. If it is a hard slog, you won’t keep it up which is why it’s ok in this programme to keep chocolate, wine and coffee, if they are working for you – now I’ve got your attention!


I’ve created this program for women like you who don’t want to commit to 1:1 coaching but want more than my Primal Alternative Community Facebook Group.

This is also for my Thrivers who are looking for ongoing momentum after the 21 Day Journey.

I know you are motivated to make change and looking for accountability and permission to do that.

(Permission? Really….yes, more on that in the program!)

In the six weeks SET FOR LIFE program you will

  • Develop your inner wisdom
  • Identify your values
  • Transform your goals into action

If you’ve ever thought “I’ll be happier when….” Then you need a Primal Plan for success!

This programme is ideal for the woman who is over-thinking ‘what’s for dinner?’

SET FOR LIFE delivers 126 tried and tested easy to make, family friendly meals with takeaway vibe nights AND with snack ideas.

I know you already know so much – there is SO MUCH INFORMATION out there, but maybe you are sick of making decisions or feeling confused about what to do. Feeling this way is a fast track to GuiltTripVille.

Let me take the guess work out of it for you with my daily workout and menu plans.


“Set For Life is honestly changing my mindset so much.  Just loving it”

Renee, VIC

Primal Alternative Baking Franchise

Join the Program

Here is what you get with SET FOR LIFE

  • Insight Quiz – with the SET FOR LIFE Workbook – where are you at now, where do you want to be?
  • Weekly shopping lists
  • Daily doable menu plan
  • Workouts
  • Meditations
  • Facebook support group for accountability, support and to celebrate success
  • Access to me in the Facebook Group – your own personal Primal Health Coach

PLUS weekly workshops (longest one is 24 min, most are around 10 doable minutes long!)

  • Planning – this is the key to fitting it in and to stop feeling like a headless chook – and I walk you through the how
  • Permission – who are you to do all this stuff for yourself anyway miss?! (sarcasm intended, eye roll)
  • Projection – how do you want you life to look?
  • Positivity –  it’s the default human emotion – work out how to cultivate some for you
  • Power – what gives you power, what drains you?
  • Passion – what is your big dream?

I know that the last thing you need is just another thing to do.

Feel relief from the mental load as you follow my easy daily planners you will have more time to work on YOU and unlock the secrets to your best health and sanity ever!

In the weekly video workshops we will cover

  • Planning
  • Permission
  • Projection
  • Positivity
  • Power
  • Passion

You are the hero in this program!

You will make the changes to get the results but the SET FOR LIFE programme will make it quicker and easier for you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

The programme works because you will be doing INNER and OUTER work.


We will:

  • Create nourishing and nurturing rhythms
  • Feel satisfied with delicious food
  • Get rid of sugar cravings
  • Ditch some weight
  • Find an exercise programme you will stick to
  • Get some systems in your life to reduce overwhelm
  • Stop feeling so tired
  • Get out of survival mode and into THRIVING MODE
  • Do what you didn’t think was possible
  • Seal in your good work
  • Create and maintain momentum

I have reclaimed my own health with a Primal Lifestyle and as a certified Primal Health Coach I have inspired over 300 women to do the same and live their best life!