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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

by Helen Marshall


Hi there! This website, www.primalalternative.com is owned and operated by Primal Alternative Pty Ltd 614 693 202 If you have any questions or need further information, please contact:
Helen Marshall
Office Address: 885 Eden Road Nullaki, 6330 WA
Email: info@primalalternative.com
Phone: 0423 678 639

This document sets out the Terms and Conditions you need to be aware of when using this website. Please take a moment to read them, as they set out your important rights and obligations and Primal Alternative cares about making sure we both know where we stand.

When you visit this website, use our services or purchase our products, you agree that you are over the age of 18 and willing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you don’t accept this agreement, you should not continue to visit this website or purchase from us.

All products and services advertised on this website are offered in compliance with Australian Consumer Law.


On this website, you will find blog posts, articles, guides, instructions, hints and tips, info on health and well being, eBooks, videos, recipes, sales and marketing advice, workouts, and networking opportunities among other wonderful resources. This information is provided for your education, entertainment and personal development. It is our aim to help you create a successful business and to create a like-minded community of people benefiting from the Primal Alternative lifestyle.

We take a lot of care to ensure the information we provide is accurate and helpful. However, we do not accept responsibility for how you use or apply it in your own life. Please be aware that the information we provide is not a substitute for specialist advice, and our provision of this information does not create a professional relationship between us. We are only providing very generalised information on this website, not advice specific to your individual circumstances. Any testimonials or descriptions of results are indicative of what can be achieved but are not intended in any way as guarantees and must not be relied on. We may modify the information on this site at any time, including altering or deleting it without notice.

Helen Marshall, the human face behind Primal Alternative, is a real-life Mum who transformed her life through a Primal lifestyle and who is now on a mission to help other women get their health back. While she is a Certified Primal Health Coach, she is not a qualified medical, financial or legal professional. If you have any questions or doubts about whether Primal Alternative is right for you, you should seek appropriate professional advice before making any major decisions or investments.

Helen firmly believes that each person is unique and encourages everyone to develop their own version of a Primal lifestyle. Primal Alternative provides information, education and guidance about the Primal Alternative lifestyle, but you need to pay attention to what is happening for you in your unique circumstances and to tweak anything that is not working. It is time that you became an expert in you!

Helen provides examples on this site of the income that she has enjoyed as a Primalista (a licenced seller of Primal Alternative products) and the health and fitness benefits she has experienced from following a Primal Alternative lifestyle. This information is not a guarantee of results but an indication of what can be achieved. All results are dependent on your individual efforts and circumstances.

Your Responsibilities

We understand that the opportunity to join us as a Primalista is incredibly exciting. It is, however, a big decision as is any major commitment to a new business. We therefore recommend very strongly that you seek independent legal, financial and business advice before taking up a Primalista Licence, and we have built in a 14 day investigation period between providing you with all of the information you need and welcoming you as a Primalista. Please use this period wisely to really explore the suitability of this venture in your personal situation and circumstances. We want all of our Primalistas to be happy and successful and to a large extent, this depends on you doing your personal due diligence enquiries before you invest in your Primalista Licence.

We also ask that you take full responsibility for your own health and well being. As a result, we strongly recommend that you consult with a health professional before taking part in one of our coaching or Programs.

Downloads & External Links

We love to provide you with amazing resources, so from time to time we will offer files for you to download from this site. Please take care for your own safety and ensure you have current and up-to-date internet security and virus protection software. While we take every care to ensure our downloadable files are safe, we are not responsible for any viruses, Trojans, malware or other damage that might occur as a result of downloading material from our site.

We may also provide you with links to external sites. While these links are intended to be relevant and helpful at the time of posting, we have no control over the content on these sites and are not responsible for the information and opinions that you may find there. If you believe a link is broken, irrelevant or offensive, please notify us as we appreciate your help in keeping our website up to date.

Third Party Advertisements & Content

Primal Alternative may display 3rd party advertisements on our site as an additional income stream. Please note that we are not responsible for the content of any advertisements that are displayed or the pages to which they link. Any transaction you may enter into with a third party advertiser is entirely between you and them, and Primal Alternative has no responsibility for and is not a party to the transaction.

From time to time we may invite content to be supplied by Primalistas, affiliates and collaborators of Primal Alternative. Any content that is not specifically produced by Primal Alternative reflects the opinions of the author and may not reflect the beliefs or opinions or Primal Alternative.

Intellectual Property

The content of this website is protected by copyright. Information from this site may be shared on social media but MUST contain a link back to Primal Alternative and this website.
All copyright, design rights, database rights, and any rights to know-how, trade and business names, trade secrets and trademarks (whether registered or unregistered) and any use or application of the intellectual property in this site belongs to Primal Alternative, or are licenced to Primal Alternative unless otherwise specified.

Primalistas have a limited right to use the Primal Alternative Logo and business name in accordance with the terms of their Primalista Licence Agreement.

All other logos, slogans and content, including the content of Thrive, SET FOR LIFE, The Wellness Manifestival and Wellness Sistas and the phrase “I help women get their health back” are solely for use by Primal Alternative.

Online Shop


All prices on this site are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST unless otherwise specified.
Payments may be made via PayPal, Ezi Debit or with a credit card processed through Square. Payment may be made upfront or with Afterpay. We do not have access to your financial details. If you have any questions about the security of these payment systems, please refer directly to their websites for their security policies (linked below).

Product Availability

Primal Alternative products may only be purchased for your personal or household use and are not for resale. We have the right to refuse to accept your order at our discretion or to limit the quantity of products purchased per person, household or order.

While we will do our best to honour the availability of products advertised in our online shop, we reserve the right to withdraw products from sale, discontinue a particular product or change ingredients if necessary, to ensure we fulfil our commitment to produce quality products.

We make every effort to display our products accurately on our website, but we cannot guarantee the product you receive will look exactly the same.


Please note that we ONLY ship to Australian addresses. It is your responsibility to ensure that your address details are accurate and up to date. If we need to contact you about an order, we will use the contact details provided with the order was placed.

Products are made fresh for you, on receipt of your order. We do not have a warehouse full of product waiting to dispatch, because we do not use preservatives and believe in delivering real, fresh food directly to you. As a result, there may be a delay of 7 – 10 days from the time that you place your order until you receive it.

All Primal Alternative products are express posted. We do our very best to ensure delivery within 24-48 hours but we are at the mercy of Australia Post and couriers.   If you are expecting a delivery, it is important that you are ready to collect it promptly, as the quality of the product may suffer if it is left for an extended period in a mailbox or at the post office waiting for collection.

Products are shipped fresh, in insulated packaging with ice packs. It is your responsibility to freeze pastry, pizza bases and bread (we suggest slicing it first) immediately on receipt. Cookies will last on the shelf for up to 2 weeks, and Gellies are best stored in the fridge.

Please understand that this is real food made fresh for you without preservatives (we can’t say that often enough!) Although we will do everything we can to ensure it gets to you in the best possible condition, this is not something we can guarantee. Sometimes fluctuating temperatures in transit may affect the quality of the product on arrival. All orders produced and dispatched in Queensland will be posted frozen due to the humid conditions in this state.

Replacement & Returns

Because of the nature of the product, we do not offer returns. However, we may offer a replacement in some circumstances. Please contact us by email to discuss any issues or problems you may have. Unfortunately, while we understand that tastes differ, we cannot offer a refund simply because you don’t like the product.

If you would like to sample the product before you buy, Primal Alternative products are sold across Australia through our Primalista Licence.

Let us know you are interested and your location, and we will advise you of any local stockists. If there are no local products available, you might even like to consider becoming a Primalista yourself!

Kultured Wellness Products

Terms & Conditions of Ordering:

  • KW cultures cannot be delivered to PO Boxes, a physical address is required at checkout. You agree to have goods left at home if you are not home at time of delivery.
  • KW cultures are ONLY available in Australia, no international orders permitted for this product.
  • KW cultures are only dispatched on a Monday/Tuesday from KW Logistics company.
  • KW cultures products will arrive separately to other ordered Primal Alternative products.


Primalista Licence

For more information about the Primalista Licence, please refer to the dedicated page on our website: https://primalalternative.com/primalista-baking-licence/.

Health Coaching & Other Services

Payment is required upfront in order to participate in the Thrive – 21 Day Clean Living Journey and The Wellness Manifestival.

Payment plans are available for Wellness Sistas and the SET FOR LIFE program: www.primalalternative.com/setforlife.

Payment terms and plans for any other products or services will be specified on the information page for that product or service.

Challenges and online courses may be delivered by email, web download or online in private Facebook groups where you can join with and support other women taking part in the challenge.


If you have any concerns about the security of your payment, please consult:

– The terms of our agreement with EziDebit: https://ezionline.ezidebit.com.au/assets/documents/Ezidebit_Terms_and_Conditions_en_AU.pdf

– AfterPay’s Terms of Service: https://www.afterpay.com/en-AU/terms-of-service

– Square’s commitment to security: https://squareup.com/au/en/security

Refund Policy

Order Fulfilment: If you order a product or service that is no longer available, due to it being out of stock, discontinued or if we are unable to fulfil your order within a reasonable time for any reason, we will provide you with a full refund.

Change of Mind: We do not offer any refund for change of mind, so we encourage you to choose very carefully before purchasing.

Minor Problem: If any minor problem occurs with our products or services, please get in touch with us as soon as possible by emailing info@primalalternative.com and we will work with you to remedy the problem.

Major Problem: If you believe you have encountered a major problem with our products or services – a problem that cannot be easily fixed within a reasonable time frame, please email us at info@primalalternative.com to discuss your concerns and negotiate a refund or other acceptable solution.

Cancellation of a Contract: Please note that there is no refund for Primalistas who choose to cancel their Licence Agreement. Please see the Licence Agreement for a full description of the options available to you.

For longer online courses, if you decide to cancel your participation, we will refund a percentage of the course fee based on how far into the course you are. For example, if you have completed 3 weeks of a 10-week course, we will refund 70% (equivalent to 7 weeks).

Visitor Information

It is our intention to hold the space of this website and the Primalista Community Forum as a place of support and encouragement. We will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour or bullying and we reserve the right to delete or block anyone who is in breach of this agreement or the Primalista Licence Agreement.

We reserve the right to moderate any comments made on our blog, and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/primalalternative) including deleting comments that we deem to be rude, offensive, spammy or unacceptable without any notification or correspondence with the author of the comment.

Changes to this Policy

We may revise the Terms and Conditions from time to time by updating this posting. The revised terms will take effect when they are posted.


If you have a problem, please contact us so that we can discuss it. If we can’t reach an agreement, we may suggest bringing in a neutral third party to help us find a solution. If we still can’t work it out, any disputes or arguments arising under this agreement are to be dealt with under the law of Western Australia.