The Dinky Demo!

by Helen Marshall

Dearest Potential Primalista!

Thank you for being here!

Last week I hosted a Primalista Baking Franchise Demo and over 150 Potential Primalistas signed up to check it out.  I made the replay available until yesterday, yet I know some of you didn’t get a chance to watch it  – even though you really wanted to.

I get this, it’s such a mentally busy time of the year – who has got 90 mins to watch a YouTube video?

Exactly – so I made a shorter version, just for you and called it the Dinky Demo!  (Dinky = small!)

This Dinky Demo runs for 20 mins and gives you all you need to know about the Primalista Baking Franchise.

Here is what I cover:

  • How the range came to be, a bit about the Primal Alternative story
  • Show you the Primal Alternative Range
  • What you get when you become a Primalista
  • Meet Primalistas and see what they have to say
  • Why it is good to feel terrexcitified
  • How to sign up

To be here, this idea resonated with you a little bit – so at the end of the Dinky Demo I give you a call to action – and I would like you to take one action.  Don’t hold yourself back.

I would love to know what you think, so be sure to get in touch and let me know…


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Love, H xx

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