Jane’s Addiction Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Looking for a something special to make for yourself or a loved one this Valentine’s Day?  Why not try this 100% Primal/Paleo, Thermomix recipe with only 3 ingredients – totally faff free, totally delcious and totally good for you!

by Helen Marshall


How scumptious do these look? Let someone know you love them this Valentine’s Day or any day…with Jane’s amazing chocs!!


Hello Primal Pals!

I am excited to bring to you another wonderful guest with another wonderful recipe and guest blog.  Jane Sawicki is the genius alchemist behind the delectable dairy free, vegan & organic chocolate creations that are Janes Addiction Chocolates.

Jane is a qualified Naturopath & professional Chocolatier and infuses her chocolates with flower essences!  I have to tell you – they are incredible!  I have known Jane for many years as a fellow Mum in the community, neighbour and I even used to be her massage therapist.  I have invited Jane to the blog to share with us something delicious and nutritious and fully primal aligned for a Valentines Day Special! Even better they only have three ingredients and you can make them in a sinch in your Thermomix! Here you go!  Over to you Jane…

Hello dear ones, I am so excited to have the opportunity to share this basic at home raw chocolate recipe with you!

This is the recipe of the first raw chocolate that I ever tasted, almost 8 years ago when a family friend brought it to share after dinner. I remember the exact moment when I ate it… my whole body literally melted with delight. I could not believe that something that tasted so good, could also be good for my body.

That first bite ignited a raw chocolate passion, that has now blossomed into Janes Addiction Chocolates – a fusion of my own raw organic hand tempered chocolate with West Australian flower essences.

Think Chocolate Alchemy and Chocolate Medicine that nourishes body mind and soul. You can check it out here.

Raw chocolate has many physical benefits for our bodies. It is high in magnesium to relax the muscles and support the nervous system. It contains theobromine which is a vasodilator that helps to lower blood pressure. It’s packed with anti-aging, immune- boosting antioxidants. It contains tryptophan and serotonin, which elevates the mood, acting an an anti-depressant. And It contains phenylethylamine which helps to boost metabolism and increase feelings of euphoria.

I have my own secret formula for Janes Addiction Chocolates, but sometimes people ask how they can make their own simple chocolate from home, and so it is an honour to share this basic recipe with you, the one that first inspired me!

Jane’s Addiction Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Make sure thermo is completely dry before you start. A drop of water will cause the cacao butter to cease.
The initial recipe I had, used coconut oil, but this melts very easily at room temperature, so you can substitute for organic raw cacao butter, for a more solid chocolate.


  • 150g coconut oil or raw cacao butter, chopped
  • 90g maple syrup
  • 90g raw cacao powder (must be raw for the nutritional benefits of the cacao)
  • Optional – nuts or berries


  1. Place coconut oil / chopped cacao butter in the thermo and melt at 37 degrees on speed 2 for 1-6 mins (1 min for coconut oil, and 5-6 mins for cacao butter, depending on how large the pieces are)
    *exceeding 42 degrees means your chocolate will no longer be technically raw, and the nutritional benefits destroyed by the heat.
  2. Add syrup, and cacao powder all into the thermo and melt at 37 degrees for another 1 min speed 3, scrape down sides of bowl and melt for another minute.
  3. Once melted, pour into a silicon chocolate mould, or simple ice-cube mould.
  4. Once the chocolate is in the mould, add berries or nuts or dried fruit.
  5. Use a toothpick to poke down the nuts and fruit so they are completely covered. Tap/ Jiggle the mould on the table so that it removes any air bubbles.
  6. Set in fridge for 2 Hours (or freezer if you just can’t wait that long)

Once set, press out the chocolate from the mould, sprinkle with cacao powder or cinnamon, and gobble with delight!!

In the rare case that you have some left, store them in the fridge!

This is truly the most simple and divine chocolate recipe that you can benefit from and enjoy, completely guilt free!

Enjoy Jane


Thanks Jane!!  I can vouch for the deliciousness of Jane’s chocolates to find out more about Jane and to make an order click here.

Jane can post in Australia!


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I hope you enjoy Jane’s recipe, be sure to let me know in the comments below or head to the Primal Alternative Community Facebook Group to connect with myself and Jane!  I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, the one to love the most is yourself!!  You’re amazing, it is true!


Until next time!  Happy creating!!

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  1. NON THERMO VERSION – you can also melt over double boiler…so boiling water in a saucepan, then sit cacao butter in a stainless steel bowl over saucepan and let it melt…(it will be harder to control temp like this tho, and will likely rise above 42 degrees, so use a thermometer and take off heat if it goes too high above that), then just add maple syrup and cacao powder and stir consistency with lots of love! hehe make sure you don’t get any water drops in it or cacao butter ceases up and turns fudge-like….(you can always turn into bliss balls if that happens tho!!!

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