What being a Primalista means to Kirsty

by Helen Marshall

When I first heard about Primal Alternative in 2018, I thought what an awesome idea! I would love to be able to produce food that I believe in and was inspired by Helen Marshall’s courage and ideas! I talked about the business opportunity to close family but thought that it was something that only those with a disposable income would be able to do!

Since one of my children was diagnosed with Aspergers in 2010, I had been on a journey of discovering how food affects health, including my own food intolerances and allergies.


I changed my outlook on what was healthy and fed my family as much organic and GMO free food as was affordable. My husband supported me with my quest to improve our whole family’s health. His unwavering faith in me allowed me to begin to heal. Our boys started to thrive, instead of just surviving! Early 2020, I came across Jo Whitton (Quirky Cooking) talking about Primal Alternative again and the opportunity for more women to cook from home. My curiosity was spiked again and I discovered that there was a payment option.

Fear Leads to Courage

I booked a Primalista Interview in February 2020 and was absolutely thrilled to meet Helen Marshall in a zoom interview. She was even more inspiring and I knew by the end of that interview that I wanted to become a Primalista! Unfortunately, my stumbling block was the financial commitment. I wanted to take the financial burden off my husband’s shoulders as he had been supporting me and our family while I had been homeschooling our 3 sons. I had been doing family budgeting and I was worried that I would leave us too short. I booked a follow up meeting for September, hoping that I would be in a better financial situation by then. I committed the dream to prayer and started trying to think outside the box to declutter our life.

Covid lockdowns happened and our government decided that unemployed could access some of their superannuation. I was amazed that meant me too! I realised I could invest mine in our future – a Primal Alternative business for our family. May 2020, I booked an earlier meeting with Helen and let her know I wanted to sign up – I was sooo excited. No one else was producing on the Sunshine Coast at that time and I couldn’t believe it!

I had met and enjoyed on several occasions the baking delights of Primalista Anj and I was even more encouraged by the warm welcome I received from Primalista sistas when I joined! The community and support in the group was a warm welcome from the competitive nature I had experienced from other businesses in the past. We all shared a love of wanting to help our husbands, families and others. Daring to try, even if others didn’t think we could do it.

The first few months had a sharp learning curve but I loved the challenge and the feeling of pride when I had baked, packaged and labelled my own Primal Alternative products was very delicious, especially when my husband told me how proud he was of me! Even if I was only going to bake for my family, I now had the confidence and know how that I could make grain free food that was delicious.


In the last 12 months, I have had the pleasure of baking for some of the Sunshine Coast’s (& Australia’s) influential women; Kim Morrison (Twenty8 Oils), Cyndi O’Meara (& the Nutrition Academy), Tammy Rice (Perfect Supplements Australia), Natasha Zuvella and Jacinta Sultana. It was awesome to be able to share our grain free food with others and then to receive feedback from them, that they loved it too!

Being able to whip up a batch of delicious, nutritious, grain free cookies, breads, pizzas, granolas and pastries anytime I like is awesome! And then to be able to bake for others, knowing that what you are supplying will be truly nourishing for them is even more awesome!!!

I am truly blessed to have stockists and customers with similar mindsets around food and nutrition and I look forward to the difference we can make in the lives of those around us! Thank you H for this opportunity and journey!

Kirsty. X

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  1. Hello Kirsty, I enjoyed reading your article on why you have gone down the Primal Alternative road, very inspiring.
    In the near future I guess the Sistas will come to know of a new brother as I have just joined.
    For me it is about creating a new way of life but it will be a slow start, I am aiming to kick off around next March. As a F.I.F.O worker it takes time to move forward in the time frame that I have available.
    I do look forward to having contact with you and the other Primalista Sisters.
    Thank you again

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