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Why I’m Never Sad When a Primalista Hangs Up Her Apron

by Helen Marshall


Online Courses

I never think that Primalistas will want to produce Primal Alternative for E V E R.  Forever is a long time.  The Primalista Licence is a business with all of its resources online.  So it is an online course of sorts, although there are no modules to pass or deadlines to meet, hooray for that!

Did you know that the number of people who buy and online course and complete it is around 10%?

Studies show that the average completion rate of an online course is less than 10%. For private courses, that number may go up a bit, but it’s still incredibly low. Even if your online course completion rate is 20%, it means that out of every 5 people who take your course, 4 of them don’t get full value from it!  See full article.

Comparatively with the Primalista Licence we have an 80%+ completion rate, that means that, most Primalistas actually start their own business.  Some don’t and that is OK too, there is no penalty for not starting or finishing up.

At the time of writing which is 3.5 years in to the Licence, 164 Primalistas have joined and 110 remain.  Which means we have a 67% stay rate.  That is very good too.

Think about what you were interested in 3 years ago – are you still interested now?  How about a year ago?  Heck, courses I started a month ago have lost their interest for me!

We are in a fast paced world.  When I worked as a Recruiter for a top Recruitment Agency the standard length of time anyone stayed in a permanent job was just 13 months – and that was 10 years ago!  Wait, 13 years ago!  The world is a lot different to our Grandparents and even parents world when you got a job for life and a golden handshake when you retired.


Personal Growth

Starting your own business can be the biggest personal growth experience you can have.  Whatever ‘shiz’ you have that needs to be worked on will come to the surface.  Freak outs, imposter syndrome, I am not enough-ness – they are all part of the beautiful journey of self discovery and transcendence.  The journey is made even wonderful when you embrace the Primalista sisterhood and hook up with your own Accountability Sista who will walk the path with you.  So many positives to take away.

Watch the video and learn more about why it’s never a sad moment when someone leaves.


What Primalistas tell me when they leave

99.9% of the time, the departing feedback from Primalistas is always glowing and positive.  Of course, there’s the very odd exception to the rule, but for the majority, this Licence attracts women who are into personal growth and who take a lot away from this experience.  Here is what they say when they email me and say they want to ‘hang up their apron’, I have removed their names for privacy reasons.


Believe it was a journey I needed to take. SD.


I definitely feel that it’s been a learning experience for me – and have come away with some new skills for life, as well as a better understanding of myself. Thank you for creating the platform for people like me to give this business a try!! BH.



The products and your business model are fantastic and  I have really enjoyed being a Primalista. I wish yourself and all the other Primalistas continue success. Thanks. BK.



Thanks for your ongoing inspiration, guidance and support you have provided on this journey and I wish to specifically acknowledge the joy, appreciation and support I have experienced through the Sistahood.  It will be sad to leave however I genuinely appreciate the experience. TC.



Is with some regret I write today to let you know I’ve decided to end my licence as a Primalista.  I have loved the business and baking but my journey is now taking a new path. Thank you so much for the opportunity and all the support over the past couple years! Love you and what you stand for!  Take care. TN.



Sorry to say goodbye –  it has been wonderful. LM



After much reflection, I have decided to hang up my apron but wanted to say a big thank you to every Primalista in this group for the support and how much I appreciate the positive influence of this group . The useful advice will be forever appreciated…To all new Primalistas, this is a model that works and it is such a wonderful journey to be on. Enjoy it and remember the years of experience within this group and everyone of the Primalistas are there to make the journey easier.  To Helen Marshall, you are amazing and thank you for creating and sharing a business model that is so filled with such positive energy and so successful.  Keep safe everyone and thank you, I am blessed with the path we have crossed.💙 PB.


What’s your worst case scenario?


Why am I sharing this with you?  I am sharing this info to help you work out if becoming a Primalista is right for you.  Working out what your worst case scenario is and seeing if you could potentially handle that, can be helpful in making the jump less risky.

What if it doesn’t work?  What if I finish?  Are questions we ask ourselves when we are considering something new.

I am sharing this because I think there’s so much to gain, and not much to lose.  So what are you waiting for?  Are you ready?  Apply for your interview with me here:


Love, H xx

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