Woohoo it’s my Inspoveresary!

by Helen Marshall

It is THREE YEARS almost to the day since I received the inspiration to share my successful little baking business model with other people!

Here is how it happened [long, but rare post]:

Five years ago I was in a hole health wise. I couldn’t sleep, or poo, get on a plane or stop worrying about my kids getting sick – like in a weird obsessive way.

I felt sick all the time and my world got really small.

I got overwhelmed with the laundry and cooking dinner!

I turned to a Paleo/Primal way of life in a desperate attempt to get rid of this awful nausea and never looked back!

I couldn’t believe how much better you could feel just by changing the food on the end of your fork.

I was totally relieved and delighted that my hideous chronic symptoms abated.

But what happened next blew me away.

I started to feel a deeper sense of connection.

I felt more clarity now that the brain fog and discomfort was gone – oh and that I was finally sleeping helped too!

My intuition became much stronger. I could rely on my intuition to help me with anything from what to have to eat, to how to help change the world!

I heard it as a voice and also as a gut feeling.

I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling the crappy way that I had and that many other women felt the same way too.

After all, we had all followed the flawed conventional wisdom of a low fat, high carb diet and were suffering the consequences.

I knew I wasn’t alone as women would PM, text, email and stop me in the street and beg me to tell them what they could do to stop feeling terrible too.

So I qualified as a Primal Health Coach and was very happy running workshops and coaching one on one.

My clients told me they were time poor and didn’t have time to bake paleo breads, cookies and pizzas so I set up a little side line selling those too.

I had a deep burning desire to help others and to be of service. I often asked “how can I increase my capacity to serve”.

I started doing some Personal Development Coaching with Mitle Southey-who was actually my first ever Primal Alternative stockist! I

t was a strange choice to work with Mitle and I wasn’t quite sure why I decided to do it – but I am glad it did as it changed my world forever.

Before our first session Mitle asked me to fill out a really annoying Questionnaire to base the session on. It has awful questions in it like:

What are your 3 core values.
What are you most afraid of.
If you knew you could not fail what would you do?

I mean!

Who has got the time to think about those sorts of questions when there are jobs to be done. But anyway – like a good student I filled out the freaking questionnaire anyway. It took me ages and caused a lot of discomfort.

Mitle was my disruptor!

I didn’t manage to answer all of the questions at first…

3 core values: Authenticity, openness, connection.

What are you most afraid of: Having to leave Australia!

But on the day of the Session with Mitle I was minding my own business and then in that brief moment between one thought and the next I felt like the Universe had dropped two fledging ideas literally into my head through my crown chakra.

I was stunned. And complete the damn questionnaire:

If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?

Launch an Online Coaching Business
Launch Primal Life Franchise

W H A T ? M E ?

[Now back in the day Primal Alternative started off as Primal Soapbox (soooo confusing as people thought the Gellies were soap!!! Then Primal Life…..so boring and then Primal Alternative – yay!]

I knew this was my gift to make a reality in the physical world and I felt that if I didn’t do it – someone else would get the inspiration. It felt to me that it was what the world needed right at that moment.

So I worked with Mitle for many more sessions – she sacked me as a coach and made me her friend and we now journey our businesses and lives together and speak every day!

It was and still is bloody hard work!

Not in the sense of ideas or what to do next – that all flows so amazingly easily.

But hard in terms of having to really come up against my own limiting beliefs which are always about not being good enough or worthy enough.

Recently on a trip to NSW and QLD (where this selfie was snapped) I received the next download of the next step for Primal Alternative.

My big goal back in August 2016 was to sign up 100 Primalistas by Boxing Day 2020.

That has been well and truly achieved and my NSW/QLD trip really opened my eyes to how well received our products are, and how we haven’t even scratched the surface in terms of being stocked in enough places yet.

I believe in a deprivation free life where nutritious food is delicious food.

I also believe that outsourcing and having convenience really helps us on our healing journey.

We don’t have to do #allthethings

We have all burnt out before.

I know I have.

My mantra now is “how can I make this easier”!

So, it feels so fitting that the next level of Primal Alternative was downloaded nearly three years to the day hey?

The vision is now 1,000 Primal Alternative Producers across Australia by Boxing Day 2024.

I want Primal Alternative in everyone’s health food shop, local IGA, Farmers Market and cafe.

I want to save you time and reduce your overwhelm. I want you to be able to go to a cafe and find something you can actually eat!

I don’t want to do this alone! I want to continue and EXPAND the Primalistas sistas network.

I want to empower women with their own business that they can create on their terms, work as many hours they want and do it in a way that feels right for them.

I want to create a vehicle for other women to channel THEIR new found energy and clarity and go out and serve others.

And it all started with food! With nature, sunshine, sleep and connection.

I truly never believed any of this would be possible when I was my constipated insomniac phobic anxious old self pre primal.

I am sharing this as I really want my story to inspire you, to give you hope and to make you go ‘shit what else is possible?’

Thanks for listening.

Love, H xx
Primal Alternative

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