by Helen Marshall



Kyra Miles Primal Alternative
Kyra Miles

Cook, ACT 2614

About Kyra

I’m Kyra, I’m a Canberra mum and I’m passionate about food that nourishes and is produced with care for the earth. A primal lifestyle helps me to thrive and I love baking for my local community and making it easier for others to enjoy grain-free real food.


Gwenda Robb Primalista
Gwenda Robb

Panton Hill, VIC 3759

About Gwenda

Gwenda is the owner of the historic Warrandyte Bakery where you can find the Primal Alternative range.

Carolyn Boyce
Carolyn Boyce

0432 485 732

About Carolyn


Karen - Primalista
Karen Frank

Flowerdale, TAS 7325

About Karen

Hi I’m Karen, grandmother of three!! I’m a newbie about to set up this business from my home kitchen in Flowerdale Tasmania. I’m extremely excited about being able to work from home producing the Primal Alternative range using my thermomix.

In 2014 I did a Whole 30 Paleo challenge with my gym that lasted three months!! I didn’t know I could feel so good in every way! The primalistas (other producers) are so supportive and encourage each other- I’m looking forward to the journey!


Stacey Stevenson


Borallon, QLD 4306

About Stacey

I’m Stacey, I live in sunny Queensland just West of Brisbane. I am a Mum of 2 with a wonderful supportive husband.  We live on a hobby farm and love to cook.   I love Primal as it’s such a nourishing tasty way to do Grain-free.

Western Australia

Chicken - Primal Alternative Primalista
Charmaine Willing

Beverley & Mandurah, WA 6304

About Charmaine

I am Charmaine aka Chicken and am an energetic woman who feels fabulous following the primal lifestyle. I love baking to make this lifestyle doable and sustainable for everyone.  Chicken serves Mandurah & Beverley.

Shari Davis - Primalista Australia
Sharee Davies

0439 691 350
Australind, WA 6233

About Sharee

Hi I’m Sharee, I’m a happily married mum of two boys and I live in Australind, Western Australia. I began the journey of a primal lifestyle due to having ongoing issues with fatigue. I want to help make it easier for people to choose the primal way.

Debbbie Primalista
Debbie Moloney

Manjimup, WA 6258

About Debbie

I am a mum of three from Manjimup with a passion for Paleo and I love that I can help others on their journey by offering them tasty food alternatives. I love the Primalista sisterhood and since becoming a Primalista I have walked through so many doors that I otherwise would have looked at, but left close because I didn’t believe in myself.

Marisha - Primal Alternative
Marisha Stone

Albany, WA 6330

About Marisha

Hi I’m Marisha and I am the Albany Primalista. Since being Primal, I have found a new normal in my daily life and have loved the freedom that being a Primal Alternative producer brings. I love producing real food that makes a difference in my local community.

DSC_2927 copy
Sharon Bain

Cockburn, WA 6164

About Sharon

My name is Sharon. I have always been inspired by how people can transform their health and wellbeing by eating good foods. I am excited to be a part of a network of wonderful people who embrace this philosophy and are helping others be energised and nourished by the food they eat so that they can be the best version of themselves.
Nicola Berna Primalista
Nicola Berna

0430 172 243
Hammond Park, WA 6164

About Nicola

Hello I am Nicola, busy mum of two. I became a Primalista as I loved the concept of being able to work from home creating healthy products for those that follow a Primal or Paleo lifestyle but may not have time to make products for themselves. I strive to follow a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.

Caz - Primalista Australia
Caroline Lambie

0452 544 895
Hocking, WA 6065

About Caz

Hi I’m Caz. I’m a mum of 2 kids from Hocking, Western Australia. I got my passion for primal life two years ago to help my gut health and now I want to provide primal goodies to my primal circle.

Shelley - Primalista Australia
Shelley Wakeham

0419 114 634
High Wycombe, WA 6057

About Shelley

Hi I’m Shelley, I live is the suburbs of beautiful Perth, I’m a busy mum of 3 who does not sit still, I’m always looking for something new and challenging, I love baking, and I love trying to look after myself (inside and out).

I never thought that good healthy natural food, that I make would make people smile and say that its delish, or amazing or yum. I found where I’m suppose to be now in my life and its here and now and with the support of other Primalistas and one amazing woman Helen Marshall you opened my eyes.

Rosie Mason

Yokine, WA 6060

About Rosie

Rosie is into a healthy lifestyle and loves to bake and create a business around her lovely toddler.

Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller

0401 825 313
Waroona, WA 6215

About Jennifer

Jennifer loves to bake and create and run her own business.

Zoe Robinson

0458 151 896
Swan Valley, WA 6056

About Zoe

Zoe is a Mum of 3 who loves to bake and is passionate about an additive free clean living lifestyle.