How hard is life without bread?

…or cereal, or Friday Pizza night…or Sunday pancakes?


You feel like you are totally missing out.  Friends feel awkward about asking you over for dinner (what DO they actually eat??).


You need to have a fridge full of fresh produce (spray free and ethically sourced of course!!)


You feel like half of your life is spent either planning, shopping, making food or clearing up.  A quick snack is a thing of the past.

Primal Alternative is here to make your life easier with healthy versions of bread, pizzas, pastry, wraps, cookies & granola.


It’s all grain free and we have low carb and vegan options too.

We use real food premium and organic ingredients, and no crap and everything is wrapped in compostable packaging. Phew.

Our products aren’t mass produced by profit focussed big food companies – they are home made with love by a Primal Alternative Producer (Primalista) near you.

Psst – it’s not really ‘bread’ at all – it’s veggies, nuts & seeds in disguise!

After more than six years, we can assure you that our products are crowd pleasing – yep, even beige loving fussy eaters and sceptical relatives will approve!  Customers even tell us they love our Primal Alternatives more than ‘normal’ ones.

Wellness experts, naturopaths and Nutritionists LOVE what we are doing.  The Primal Alternative range was developed by Primal Health Coach Helen Marshall (H) who has over 30 years experience in the Wellness industry, to help her clients from ‘falling off the wagon’.

After healing from her own health crisis with real food, H created the Primalista Licence so more people could get access to these life changing foods.  Since 2017, she has helped over 185 Primalistas across 4 different countries,  create their own successful home based baking business in a collaborative community.

Whether it’s a serious income or a hobby that pays, the Primalista Licence can align to fit what matters most to you.  Primal Alternative needs a Primalista in every town across the world, so that everyone can easily embrace health.


Now you can have your bread and eat it and still stay on track to smashing your health & business goals.