Primalista Licence

by Helen Marshall

Become A Primalista

Are you…

Looking for a small business opportunity promoting healthy eating?

Needing a cleaner and healthier lifestyle?

Looking for the freedom of working from home?

Seeking something grain, GF and & DF that you can actually eat?

Wanting to be more focussed on your wellness journey?

Dreaming of an opportunity to provide wellness & support to others?

Doing something that you love?


Become A Primalista!


What is a Primalista?

A Primalista is a Primal Alternative Producer, phew what a mouthful, Primalista is way cooler!

Primalistas create a international brand of local producers bringing Primal Alternatives to the foods we love, to our communities.

I believe this is a ground breaking business model that provides:

  1. Nutrient dense real foods in a convenient way – locally produced
  2. An opportunity for women to step up into their own home business
  3. An opportunity for women to grow, contribute and have new experiences
  4. Community

This is yester-year cottage industry with the aid of modern technology.

The timing is perfect in my opinion!  There is a market for people seeking convenient real food primal alternatives, women want to flex their entrepreneurial skills & technology brings us together and helps spread our story.

The Primalista Baking Licence provides you with the tools to start you own business producing and distributing the Primal Alternative Range.

Primalistas come from all walks of life!  Some Primalistas are Mums some are not, some work full time, some work part time.  We all have three things in common:

  1. Passion for clean living
  2. Passion for baking and drive to run a business
  3. Passion to make grain free easy

What do you get as a Primalista?

You get a successful business model ready to roll. As well as the trade secret recipes you’ll gain access to a Primalista only website with how to videos, Food Standards Australia & NZ compliant labels including authentic bar codes, graphic designed logo and marketing material, supplier, packaging & equipment info, ingredients calculator, advice on how to market your business, pricing including wholesale to retail and RRP – all Primalistas charge the same – we are a sisterhood!

You also get my commitment to develop the Primal Alternative brand awareness and access to this fantastic website resource plus your own Primal Alternative email address – oh and a personalised Primal Alternative apron and spatula – you’ll look sooo good in that!

You also get access to the Primalista Closed Facebook Group where you can seek advice, gain support and celebrate success with the other sisters in your tribe!

How does it work?

The Primal Alternative range is faff-free!

No artisan baking skills required!


Watch the Sneak Peak Info Session to learn more.

When you become a Primalista you will be empowered to hit the ground running with a walk in business model.

You will become part of our International Brand of Local Producers in one of the most trail blazing business ideas on the planet.

As a Primalista you will be part of a collaborative sisterhood network for support, advice and to celebrate success!

You will also have:

Financial Freedom

potential to earn $50 per hour profit to Primalistas – individual results vary based on location, speed of production and customer orders. There are no guarantees.

Location Freedom

no need to choose between family or finances

Time Freedom

You choose how much & how long – no minimal standards to hit.

Freedom of who you work with

You get to choose who you supply PLUS no more annoying work colleagues or boss!

Freedom of purpose – finally!

A business that aligns with your passion AND fits around your lifestyle


“Producing Primal Alternative will help me get the primal word out and help people who are not feeling the best they can be to feel better. I love the sisterhood of the Primalistas – gorgeous girls, what a team!”

Primalista Chicken


“I am producing Primal Alternative to make it easier for the community to enjoy grain free, locally produced food. I want to help people on a Paleo or restricted diet to stay on track with their health journey. I want to help busy mums like me feed their families REAL food. Primal Alternative gives me the chance to run my own business from home, doing something that I love and serve my community. Being a Primalista has given me everything I wanted.”

Primalista Kyra


“I am absolutely loving this – right up my alley.  And what you have done with all the leg work really makes it SO simple.”

Primalista Lauren

Become A Primalista

Is becoming a Primalista right for you?

You’ll need a passion for healthy baking and the strength and drive to bake your produce and develop your customer base.

This is the opportunity for you if you are feeling stuck in a job that doesn’t align with your passion, or makes you miss out on time with the kids.

You’ll have an oven and a Thermomix or other food mixing option.

You will want to work from home, be an integral member of your community (dare we say minor celeb) and part of the nationwide sisterhood of Primalistas.

What happens in the Primalista Interview?

Is this the right opportunity for you?  Are you the right fit for Primal Alternative?

The Primalista Selection Process will help us both work that out!

Start by clicking the Apply button to start your application.  I will let you know if your application has been successful within 48 hours.

Successful applicants then have a Primalista Interview with me, H the Founder!

We will both assess the suitability and viability of a Primalista Baking Licence relevant to you and your circumstances based on time, location and earning potential.

I will be looking to get to know a bit about you too and see if I feel that you are a good fit to represent Primal Alternative.

You will get more of a feel about me and to ask me all of your questions.

I will let you know the outcome of the Interview at the end – I won’t leave you hanging!

The interview is super relaxed and informal and takes about thirty to forty-five minutes, kids & pets welcome!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Helen Marshall Podcast

“What an amazing feeling! First market stall today, sold out of almost all products, so enjoyed connecting with the community. It doesn’t feel like working when you love what you are doing!”

Primalista Nadia


“I am really excited to be able to share something that I make with my community, knowing that it helps to change people’s lives. It just makes so much sense to do something that aligns with what you believe in and to still be able to care for your family, work from home, and contribute to the family finances… Being a Primalista is just AWESOME!”

Primalista Marisha


“I want to thank you so much for this opportunity of a life time.  You have been a shoulder of strength every step of the way, all the other Primalistas – thank you for listening and for advice, it is nice to know that we all feel the same way some stage through this journey.”

Primalista Shelley

Become A Primalista!

Primalista Licence: AU$5,500 incl GST

Monthly Membership: AU$110 incl GST

12 Month Payment Plan Available

What do you get as a Primalista?

  • A successful business model ready to roll
  • Trade secret recipes
  • How-to videos
  • Food Standards Australia & NZ Compliant Food Labels
  • Brand logo files & professional photos
  • Marketing materials
  • Supplier, packaging & equipment info
  • Ingredients calculator
  • Primal Alternative apron
  • Primal Alternative email address
  • Website with you on it
  • Engaged Facebook Page
  • Advice on how to market your business and make sales
  • A trade marked business
  • Pricing including wholesale to retail and RRP

You also get access to the Primalista Closed Facebook Group where you can seek advice, gain support and celebrate success with the other sisters in your tribe!

What You Need

  • A passion for clean living
  • A love for baking
  • Strength and drive to develop your customer base
  • Oven
  • Thermomix or food mixer
  • Certificate of Registration of a Low Risk Food Business from your council
  • Product and Public Liability Insurance
  • A Primalista Licence

Primalista Licence



Monthly Membership





$4,400 upftont

$440 per month for 12 months

Plus $110 monthly membership

  • The Primalista Licence is a one off fee, after that you just pay $110 Primalista Membership on a rolling 12 month agreement, with no penalties if you want to quit.
  • All prices are inclusive of GST
  • You do not need to pay GST if you are outside of Australia