Become a Primal Alternative Producer

Make Baking Your Business

What is the Primalista Licence?

With a Primalista Licence you can produce and sell the Primal Alternative grain free food range anywhere in the world.

The online Recipes & Resources teach wellness enthusiasts how to run an effective, micro food business from home

Whether you’re brand new to business or not, the Primalista Licence will challenge you to grow and learn new skills.

It’s designed to create your home business into a force for good and your higher purpose.


Is the Primalista Licence right for me?

If you want to learn how to create and sell nutritious, honest food, help more people, be part of a supportive community and align your business with your highest values, the Primalista Licence is for you. 

Terri Allen (1)

“I was looking for something to replace my dwindling main job.  It was great to be able to continue baking and delivering through lockdowns and now with supply chain issues the markets are very busy. I’m very efficient with my time and baking now, easy peasy.  I’ve made some great sista friends.  The Licence is very flexible you can bake what you want.”

Primalista Terri, VIC
(Since 2018)

What exactly is a Primalista?

A Primalista is a Primal Alternative Producer. They run their own home-based businesses, supplying Primal Alternative food products to their communities.

Primalistas bake and then supply the Primal Alternative Range to local businesses – think health food stores, gyms, cafes, schools, supermarkets, etc. You can also find Primalistas at farmers markets, supplying products directly to the public.

The baking is easy! No artisan baking skills required. Simply measure, mix and bake.

With a growing demand for a convenient source of real, grain free, alternative food staples, there has never been a better time to invest in this innovative business model.

What can I expect when I become a Primalista?

  • An opportunity to create a business that suits your lifestyle and what matters to you
  • A quick start up, without having to invent a brand
  • Instant sales, just because you are with Primal Alternative, an already well liked, known and trusted brand
  • A welcoming and supportive Primalista community
  • Find out how much you can earn as a Primalista here



What do you get when you become a Primalista?

All of the training is online inside a private, Primalista member only site called the Recipes & Resources. There are no modules to complete, tests to pass & no travel needed. You access the training as you need it.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Primal Alternative trade secret recipes: breads, pizza bases, pastry, cookies, gellies, bagels, wraps & granola
  • Baking demonstration videos
  • FSNAZ compliant labels with barcodes
  • Official trademarked Primal Alternative logo for your branding
  • Marketing templates including brochures, banners & business cards
  • Sales & marketing training so you can approach a retailer with confidence and get a sale
  • Supplier information to source ingredients and equipment
  • Food Safety Program to support your food business registration application
  • Stockist Agreement

Primalistas connect with each other, compare notes and celebrate success in our closed Facebook Group. H is active in our Primalistas Facebook Group where she answers questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that our Primalistas take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

To preview the Recipes & Resources, get a behind the scene tour here.


“I knew I wanted to do something food related, but was not quite sure what or how as I had no experience in that industry.  Until….one day I came across a post in my Instagram feed about the Primal Alternative business opportunity. It just felt right and I contacted Helen from PA immediately, and had my interview sitting in my car in a carpark! With support from my family, I signed up, and I feel it’s the best decision I have ever made.”

Primalista Gita

(Since 2018)

Primalista Shelley, WA

(Since 2017)


“I love Primal Alternative it’s so do-able! No more day dreaming of starting my own business because I’ve actually made it happen! And there’s no prouder feeling of seeing something fabulous, healthy & wholesome YOU’VE made on the supermarket shelves. This business actually changes lives..”

Primalista Helen Primal Alternative Byron Bay

(Since 2018)

Primal Alternative founder

Do people like me become Primalistas?

Primalistas come from all walks of life, some have kids, some don’t, some work, some don’t but they have these things in common:

They are passionate about gut healing & health and they love cooking.

They want to:

  • share their passion but were not sure how
  • put their health first and foremost
  • work their own hours, be their own boss & have their own business
  • earn money, grow & learn
  • support their family’s health and find what lights them up
  • find the next chapter
  • follow their dreams towards holistic health & healing,  their love of paleo and real food
  • feel supported on their journey by a community that get it

When they were at the stage you are at now, they felt curious, cautious but excited.  Is that how you feel?

What does being a Primalista Involve?

  1. Sourcing your own ingredients and equipment
  2. Finding retailers and customers who want to buy your products
  3. Baking
  4. Distributing

You create your own schedule, and only need to bake and distribute the amount that suits you.

You can build a full-time business or part-time, with the flexibility to adjust this as you go.

Your freedom-based lifestyle means that your income is in your hands – each Primalista gets out what they put in.


Before I joined Primal Alternative, I was sick of working full time for someone else.  I was wanting the reward of building something for myself and my future family and having flexibility to live life the way I want to.  My market stall has been amazing! It’s been so relaxing and enjoyable providing quality, healthy food to the community and getting to know them through the process.

Since becoming a Primalista I’m more focussed and organised in my time and have grown my confidence in that I can learn how to run a business and that I am capable.   I love that even though I am moving to a new community soon I will be able to take Primal Alternative with me and easily find a customer base near my new home. It is really something that you can tailor to suit your needs at any time in your life so I love that flexibility.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Primalista I say – don’t spend the rest of your life wondering ‘what if’! It is on the edges of our comfort zone where we grow the most.

Primalista Kate Morgan, WA
(Since 2021)

What do I need to get started?

  • Oven
  • Food mixer
  • Primalista Baking Licence
  • Food Business Registration (resources in the Licence will help with this)
  • Product & Public liability insurance
Veronica Edwards

“I’d been stood down from work due to Covid and now that I am a Primalista I get to do something I absolutely love and get paid for it. When I bake and work on my business, I feel alive.”

Primalista Veronica, SA
(Since 2020)

Can I see Primalista Licence reviews from existing Primalistas?

Want to read stories from entrepreneurial health enthusiasts just like you and see the results they’ve been able to create after starting their baking business?

We’ve got you covered.

Amie McHenry

“I was interested in the Primalista Licence as it offered me the flexibility of working from home and utilising my baking skills.  I was surprised at how quick the cashflow was.  People stop me in the street or supermarket asking for the products and placing orders. It’s so great, and can work for anyone.  It’s cruisey, but fluent and productive. The support is phenomenal. It’s so easy to love what you do when it works for you.”

Primalista Amie, WA
(Since 2020)

Primalista Rosie

” What an incredible two years it’s been…it’s taken me so far from the life I had pre-Primal Alternative. I’ve gone from working solo in a fatigue-inducing day job to running my own business, doing something I love, and being part of a true team of “sistas”. Back then I dreamed of doing something else, of living a different life, of making something different of myself. But something always held me back – I had no faith in my abilities and I was terrified to step outside of my comfort zone (no matter how uncomfortable my “comfort zone” actually was!). Finding Primal Alternative was a blessing. This opportunity spoke to me. I immediately felt connected and supported to take the chance. It was exactly what I had been waiting for. All the heart eyes for that 😍😍💚🙌🌿”

Primalista Rosie, WA
(Since 2017)

PA_Social Tiles (14)

“I was looking to fulfill my passion for baking but doing something meaningful with it to help others. Having my own dietary challenges, I understand how hard it can be to find specialist healthy products. It’s so great when people come to the stall and get all excited because they can buy so many diverse products. My son helps me on the market stall, and it’s been great to have that mum and son time. Working on a market stall soon helps build your confidence and the other traders are your community too. My son has also grown in confidence and it’s great to see him helping people too. The Primalista community is such a welcoming community. You ask a question and always get multiple answers, everything from how to cook something, where to buy something to how to set a stall up. If you’re thinking of becoming a Primalista I say jump in!”

Primalista Ali

(Since 2021)

Terri Plater

“I wanted food that was nourishing with no nasty stuff and I loved being in the kitchen.  The business part is made much easier with a group of likeminded sistas to be our backups and a business model ready to go to save recreating the wheel…sooo here I still am.  It’s nice being my own boss and setting my timeframes.  It’s lovely connecting with customers and them enjoying the food I create for them.  It certainly has a demand.  The licence makes it easier to just get in with the fun bit with all the legal food stuff sorted out.”

Primalista Terri (Plater), NSW
(Since 2020)

Manda Palmer

“I was keen to focus on my health and to find something creative where I get to connect with people.  Since joining Primal Alternative I’ve had some great feedback and met some beautiful people, I’m eating better and focussing on my gut health journey.   There’s a super helpful, supportive, and friendly community.  It’s a brilliant biz model. I love it.  I was on the fence for 4 years and can’t believe I didn’t start sooner!”

Primalista Manda, QLD
(Since 2021)

Holly Cameron

“I was trying to find a job that aligned with my interests, values, and work/life balance.  Since joining Primal Alternative just before Christmas I have started my own website for orders, received some great customer feedback, received my first return customers’ orders, enjoyed being my own boss and working the hours I want.  I’m sleeping better, eating well, am able to do more things I love and that make me feel good like going for walks in nature, growing my own food, catch ups with friend, eating breakfast with my husband.  I love the Primal Alternative Licence model and the supportive network of Primalistas.  Primal Alternative seems to be well received in my town.  Being your own boss is the best!”

Primalista Holly, NSW
(Since 2021)

Meet H – Primal Alternative Founder

Hey there, I’m Helen Marshall but you can call me H!

In 2015  I was faced with a health crisis which included chronic nausea, insomnia, headaches, depression, anxiety and phobias. After trying other remedies to no avail, I returned to a diet of plants and animals to reclaim my health – I ditched grains, sugar and seed oils and embraced sunshine, sleep, nature and connection.

The results were life-changing – and I wanted to share them with the world. I became a Primal Health Coach and founded Primal Alternative so others with a love  for real, healthy food could start their own home business, align their day-to-day with their values, and make a difference in their community!

The Primalista Licence launched on Dec 26 2016 and to date over 230 incredible people (men & women) have become Licensed Primal Alternative Producers.

Primal Alternative now has an online store and over 430 stockists across Australia, the UK, New Zealand and the US.

In 2017 Quirky Cooking collaborated with Primal Alternative to bring a ready made version of their Life Changing Dough to the community.

From 2018 to 2020 Primal Alternative collaborated with Chef Pete Evans to bring a lunch box friendly No Nut Hemp Bread, in 2019 the No Nut Hemp Wrap & in 2020 No Nut Hemp Granola.

In 2021 Low Tox Life joined the Primal Alternative family with the introduction of the divine Brownies Mix.

These high profile collaborations boost Primal Alternative’s reputation making it easier for Primalistas to make sales.

I hosted the Primal Alternative Podcast on the Wellness Couch for 4 years, which is the number one ranked health and wellness podcast station in Australia. I got myself on to many podcasts as a guest and made some cool friends in the wellness industry which helped to grow the Primal Alternative brand.

Before ditching the rat race, I was a Fitness Instructor and Personal trainer then a Business Manager for a leading recruitment company in the city.  I’ve interviewed people all of my life, listening to their desires around health, work and lifestyle and I’ve combined those skills to bring my greatest contribution yet – the Primalista Baking Licence.

I can see a Primalista in every town.

I live on 100 acres of wilderness in Albany, WA with my hunky Kiwi husband Mike and our babies Sam & Milly. I like Body Pump, Body Balance, massage, saunas, coffee with me bestie, sunbathing, meditation, walks in nature, swimming in the ocean and champagne in the spa.

Thanks for being here!
Love, H xx

Primalista Anj

“I needed to figure out another way to secure income whilst working from home as my main source of income had expired. Since becoming a Primalista I’ve baked for some awesome people like Jo Whitton, Kim Morrison, Cinnamon Morrisey and Tash Corbin!  I’ve also made some beautiful friends who share similar philosophies.  I’m loving the collaborative, supportive community. There is an incredible body of knowledge and experience to draw on and share.  If you are thinking about joining us I say – time will pass anyway – give it a go!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Primalista Anj, QLD
(Since 2019)

Meet some of our Primalistas who have started their Primal Alternative business during Coronavirus. 

How soon can I become a Primalista?

The Primalista Interview is an opportunity to see how this business model could work in your life.  Together we will review how much time you have to dedicate to the business, your location and your earning potential.  We will be able to answer any questions you may have and we will both get an idea if this is a good fit, or not.

Most Primalistas choose to start slowly and build up over time, but you can create your own version of a successful baking business, based on what is important to you in your life.  There is no hierarchy at Primal Alternative.  This is a great time to identify your values and create your ideal week with set business days and plenty of time for the other things that you value such as pilates, your kids or walking the dog.

Usually Primalistas are up and running selling their products by 8 weeks, but some take longer.  It’s up to you. There are no targets to hit with Primal Alternative.

What is the investment?

On Average Our Primalistas Earn Anywhere From $1,500 – $5,500 Per Month

Taking Them 1-6 Months To Pay Back Their Initial Investment And Start Earning An Income Cooking Healthy Baked Goods From Home.

The Membership combines the Licence Fee ($5,999) and monthly membership fees ($130 per month) and is paid as a Payment Plan or Upfront Licence Payment and monthly membership.

There is a Joining Fee of $1,000

Get these exclusive bonuses worth $2,000+ when you join!

Icon Check Baking Starter Kit including: Organic, fair trade Primal Alternative apron with your name and state on, 1:1 Coaching Session with successful entrepreneur, Primal Alternative Founder H, 6 Primal Alternative bread tins, 200 compostable cellophane bags and 220 personalised labels for your first few bakes! Value: $620

Icon Check Thrive –  A 21 Day Clean Living Journey. Get back to basics on your health journey by reconnecting to your ‘why’ and going ‘next level’ on your Food, Movement, Mindset and Lifestyle. Online Course. Start whenever you like. Value: $197

Icon Check My Business Blueprint – and 18 page downloadable PDF to help you create a thriving business on your terms. Value: $220

Icon Check Aligning for Success EFT course. This is an awesome non-invasive Primal Alternative specific way to unlock any limiting beliefs standing in the way of you and your business success. Online Course. Start whenever you like. Value: $49

Primalista Wendy

“I needed something other than my family to verify my Worth and Value.  I am creating great routines that are creating so much joy.  You are able to access as much support, advice and love from your sistas for FREE!!  Financial, productive methods and generally new to business information is a very expensive commodity out of our Primalista society.  It’s not as much work as you expect.  You have the option to decide as little or as large of productiveness you choose.”

Primalista Wendy, QLD
(Since 2020)

Primalista Fiona

“I have learnt new skills and I’ve become a better, more confident baker and home cook. I’ve shed over 4kg, I have more energy, am sleeping better, my brain fog has lifted, and I have improved mental clarity… I’ve been learning more about food and wellness and… I feel more empowered and confident as a person”.

Primalista Fiona, NSW
(Since 2019)

Primalista Tara

“I was so impressed with the level of support right from the start with the emails from H and the online resources and how it eliminated any overwhelm I might have otherwise felt. And on top of that you will have the support of your Sistas who have been there before you – it’s a very special community that I love!”

Primalista Tara, SA
(Since 2020)

Erika Stoffels

“I was looking for an opportunity that was aligned with my lifestyle and interests.

Now that I am a Primalista I love the look on people’s faces when they discover our products and realise that they can enjoy bread again despite their dietary restrictions.  It feels great to have a business of my own and to know that I’m making a positive contribution to the lives and health of my customers makes that feeling even better.

It’s great to have a community of other producers that we can share the experience with.  There’s always someone willing and ready to offer support and some learned advice. If you are on the fence about joining Primal Alternative I say: “give it a go!”

Primalista Erika, NSW
(Since 2020)

Rachel Evans

“I became a Primalista because I love to cook healthy wholesome food.  I’ve just passed a year as a Primalista and my business is growing everyday.  I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to produce these products to help others with their health.  It has made me more confident and to really know what I want in my business moving forward.  I love helping people and I love baking, baking makes me feel great.  I have met some many new people as well which I love.  I have more focus and determination to share these wonderful products. I love the support I get from my Primal Alternative sisters, they go above and beyond to help out in any way they can even if it’s just a sheet of stickers you forget to order lol.  I love with the licence you can make as much money as you like without giving a % away of your taking like you do with a franchise.  Just go for it.  I explored it for too long and wish I joined sooner.”

Primalista Rachel, SA
(Since 2020)

Suzy White

“I was trying to find something where I could juggle the kids and create an income for me. 

I have a good number of return customers and stockists. 

I’m much more confident with the recipes and discussing the benefits of being grain free with customers.  

It’s so easy to be fully immersed in, or to slow down depending on the season.”

Primalista Suzy, WA
(Since 2020)

The Primal Alternative 7 Day Cooling Off Guarantee

If you love healthy REAL food and have a deep desire to start your own freedom-based business, then becoming a Primalista could be the best decision you ever make! However, we understand that starting your own business is a big decision. That’s why we offer the Primal Alternative 7 Day Cooling Off Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

When you join Primal Alternative you’ll have a full 7 days to try all the materials and start setting up your ‘bake from home’ business. If at any point during those first 7 days you decide being a Primalista is not for you, simply let us know and we’ll provide you with a full refund – no questions asked.

Become a Primalista!

It starts with YOU

When you invest in a Primalista Licence you’re committing to your own personal growth and you’re helping your customers achieve their health goals.

Take the first step to a starting your own meaningful business today.


“Producing Primal Alternative will help me get the primal word out and help people who are not feeling the best they can be to feel better. I love the sisterhood of the Primalistas – gorgeous girls, what a team!”

Primalista Chicken, WA

(Since 2017)


“I am producing Primal Alternative to make it easier for the community to enjoy grain free, locally produced food. I want to help people on a Paleo or restricted diet to stay on track with their health journey. I want to help busy mums like me feed their families REAL food. Primal Alternative gives me the chance to run my own business from home, doing something that I love and serve my community. Being a Primalista has given me everything I wanted.”

Primalista Kyra, NSW
(Since 2017)